Your marketing evolution. Now in a single toolkit.

By delivering great customer experiences, marketing teams attract new customers, grow the value of existing customers, and boost ROI. But creating those amazing experiences requires the power of rich customer data — and that takes powerful data management tools.

That’s where DMPs and CDPs come in. By understanding the unique benefits and where each of these tools excel, you’ll be better able to build the perfect technology stack for your business — and use that stack to unify data from different sources, build customer profiles and segments, and personalise every step of every customer journey.

Read Evolution of the Marketer’s Toolkit: Navigating the DMP and CDP Landscape, a new report from London Research and Adobe, to learn the following:

  • Why improving the quality of customer experiences depends on having the right data and the right tools to process it.
  • Which data management tools are essential to drive great customer experiences.
  • How to choose a data management approach that makes sense for your business.
  • How to properly integrate DMPs and CDPs across departments for maximum benefit — and why IT involvement is critical for success.

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