Without a united platform,
your media strategy is divided.  

You’re on mobile launching a new product, but your online video, search, and display ads are featuring something different. What could have been a unified campaign, turned out to be a tactical execution in silos. Adobe Advertising Cloud changes all this. By bringing together media, content, and data, you can finally deliver a seamless, relevant experience across every channel. The kind of experience that engages customers and increases conversion.

A quarter century of digital transformation.

Digital advertising is turning 25, and we're celebrating with a look back – and a look to the future.

Demand-side platform graphic

Get it all with our demand-side platform

An incomplete solution is never good enough, but that's what many media buyers today have to deal with. Currently, only the digital parts of a media buy benefit from the automation of a demand-side platform. While the other part is stuck with decades-old technology. And more often than not, marketers rely on three or more single-point DSPs to execute their strategy. So each DSP only delivers part of the data, part of the customer journey, and reaches only some of the channels. Well, it’s time that changes. Find out what our united DSP can do for you. 

Search Marketing Management

Get smarter search marketing management

To efficiently drive the right visitors to your site, you’ll need to bring together data from as many sources as possible and then sift through it for insights on the best way to reach them. Our platform is one of the very few that makes the most out of your first-party data and ingests a comprehensive array of data from outside sources. Then using our exclusive Adobe Sensei intelligence, you’ll get predictions on how to get the highest conversions for the lowest costs. You’ll measure results, manage your campaign, turn insights into action, and come out ahead of your competition. 

Creative management graphic

Bring creative management to life

So much space, so little time. Automated buys. Real-time bidding. Personalization. New devices. There’s no shortage of places to put your digital ads. The same can’t be said of designers. At Adobe, we’re experts on creative tools and we’ve used that know-how to automate the tedious tasks of customizing ad creative for sophisticated advertising campaigns. See how creative management lets marketers and designers collaborate at a new level to scale campaigns and deliver exceptional experiences. 

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