Efficiency Tools

Make the most of your time with a variety of tools, products, and integrations, including simple and flexible objective-optimization definitions, package-level performance goals, improved bulk edit and bulk creation tools, and performance metrics.


Just don’t optimize every click. Unify them, too.

In an increasingly fragmented media landscape, it’s hard to keep everything moving forward. The problem is that without cross-platform consistency and cohesion, you could be missing out on opportunities to engage and activate your audience.

Designed to unify channels, coordinate campaigns, and value every impression using a precise trading-style model, the efficiency tools in Adobe Advertising Cloud make this complex process simple, streamlined, and successful. With just a click, start bringing your campaign puzzle together, and tap into precision targeting to make the most of every piece.


See what makes it work.

Cross-channel precision
Whether it’s display, video, mobile, or TV, you’ll have the power to unify campaigns and optimize every impression. Think of it as your personal advertising trading desk.

Packaged to perform
With simple, flexible, objective optimization definitions and portfolio-level performance goals, make sense of the marketplace clutter and ensure you’re always moving forward.

Power up your campaigns
With a variety of industry-leading tools, products, and integrations, it’s easier than ever for your brand to maximize your reach and impact, all with a few quick clicks.

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