When the CIO and CMO collaborate, every experience gets better.

The digital economy is fundamentally changing how businesses design and optimize customer experiences — and how their teams collaborate. In this environment, alignment between the chief marketing officer (CMO) and chief information officer (CIO) is critical for helping organizations create customer-focused approaches to digital transformation that lead to business growth.

Working together matters more than ever

Creating innovative and personalized experiences involves the efforts of both your CIO and CMO. Developing this partnership benefits an organization in three critical ways: 

Customer-first focus

CMOs can focus on developing top-tier experiences, with CIOs contributing the technical and data expertise to identify business and customer needs.

Emphasis on collaboration

Working closely together, the CIO and CMO can accelerate creation and delivery of better customer experiences everywhere while reinforcing customer data security and digital systems stability.

Stronger focus, stronger teams

Marketing and IT teams develop a cross-functional relationship that inspires innovation, business growth, and prepares your organization for future disruptions to the status quo.

“The pandemic is a wake-up call. The companies that will emerge stronger are the ones where the CIO and CMO take joint ownership of customer experience.”


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A partnership that is up to the task

More than ever, aligning on customer experience in an imperative for CIOs and CMOs. This close alignment is key to thriving in the face of today’s challenges:

Digital Economy

Digital Economy

The digital economy prioritizes the customer, making it imperative to establish the right customer experience management strategies and prepare for the next disruption to the status quo.

Cookieless World

Cookieless World

Growing your business in a world without third party cookies means you must acquire customer data with consent and unify it across channels to deliver consistent and personal experiences, at scale.

Marketing Agility

Marketing Agility

Your business must be empowered to monitor and quickly identify marketplace shifts, consistently measure campaign impact in real-time, and rapidly shift direction to keep pace with customer demand.

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