Adobe Audience Manager success stories

“Working with Adobe Audience Manager allows us to activate data and bring teams together to target audiences with specific messages. We can be more dynamic and creative in our efforts and we can target high-value audiences with more efficient marketing campaigns.”

Shelley Wise, Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Princess Cruises

Wanting a better view of their customers, Princess Cruises decided to use Adobe Audience Manager as the foundation of their data management efforts. And by combining Adobe Audience Manager with Adobe Analytics, they were able to get a unique 360-degree view of their customers and insights.

“Introducing Adobe Audience Manager as our DMP has kicked off such a rapid change in our culture. Everyone is excited about how we can use audiences and personalisation to better reach our customers. We’re seeing huge gains and decreasing cost-per-optimisation by 30%.”

Eboni Boicel, Head of Digital Marketing, National Bank of Canada

National Bank of Canada was looking to instil a culture of data and insights while revamping their technology. By combining Adobe Audience Manager with Adobe Analytics, they’ve been able to build unique audience segments, preparing them for personalised targeting.

“At Sky, we are using Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target. The integrations allow us to bring customer intelligence far closer to action. That is the real magic to the Adobe Marketing Cloud for us. It is perhaps born out in live triggers, where a customer exhibits a certain behaviour and we can keep in touch to them immediately and take action with a relevant message on the right channel.”

Rob McLaughlin, Head of Digital Analytics, SKY UK

Most of Sky UK’s customers use more than three channels to interact with them, so Sky UK wanted to use customer intelligence to drive personalised, meaningful experiences across all those channels. Adobe Audience Manager helps them to take audience data and turn it into action — and a great experience.

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Scandinavian Airlines used Adobe to create truly personalised experiences by connecting online and off-line interactions from booking flights to visiting airport lounges.

Postmedia took advantage of Adobe Audience Manager’s integration with Adobe Analytics to help them to create audience segments based on behavioural data.

WestJet lifted their digital marketing, increased conversion and improved their online experience with a unified Adobe platform.

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