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Prepare for continued digital commerce growth with Commerce 2.4.2

In February, Adobe released Adobe Commerce 2.4.2 with the latest feature, security, and performance enhancements. Merchants are encouraged to upgrade to better manage and secure their online stores for the continued increase in ecommerce traffic in these uncertain times.

  • New B2B enhancements to the buyer and seller approval experience
  • New GraphQL APIs add support for headless commerce B2B implementations
  • Deliver better storefront performance with media gallery image optimization
  • PWA studio enhancements to support internationalization of stores
  • In-product guidance encourages feature adoption and accelerates time to value
  • Performance enhancements include support for up to 20x more effective SKUs for large catalogs

Major highlights

To get more detail on each of these features read our release blog article

B2B Commerce

Continuing our commitment to B2B merchants, this release includes enhancements to the B2B buyer and seller purchase approval experience, including support for online payments, which gives sellers the flexibility to accept purchasing policies regardless of payment method; and new GraphQL APIs to improve B2B headless capabilities.

PWA Studio

PWA Studio improvements enable merchants to accelerate the launch of international sites as high-performing PWAs with multi-language and multi-currency support. The latest 9.0.0 release also adds new “My Account” components for Venia, extensibility improvements, and performance optimizations. The added features and enhancements result in faster time to market and a lower total cost of ownership with PWA Studio.

Additional updates and features

  • Media gallery image optimization reduces rendered media file sizes and improves storefront performance.
  • Increased API performance and faster admin response times increase scalability for stores with large catalogs.
  • New in-product guidance encourages feature adoption and accelerates time to value. Enable admin usage tracking in Adobe Commerce 2.4.2 to begin receiving in-product guidance.
  • We’ve introduced a number of security fixes along with upgrades to platform quality. See the Adobe Security Bulletins for more information about security updates included in this new version.
  • Adobe Commerce hosted in the cloud now supports third-party file storage systems with native support for AWS S3 storage. For more on configuring remote storage, see our DevDocs.
  • The Upgrade Compatibility Tool, currently in Alpha, makes the upgrade process more transparent and more reliable by comparing your current production version against a new release, analyzing the compatibility of custom modules installed. For more information, see our DevDocs and Adobe Commerce blog.
  • Split database functionality has been marked as deprecated in this release and will be removed in Magento 2.5. Find more information on this change is in the DevBlog.
  • Amazon Pay VBE is marked as deprecated and will be removed in Adobe Commerce 2.5. The extension and all functionalities will continue to be available to merchants through the Amazon extension on the Adobe Commerce Marketplace.

For complete details about this release, visit the Release Notes.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) 2.4.1 Release information

To get more detail on each of these features read our release blog article

What's new in Magento 2.4.1?

In October, Adobe released Magento Commerce 2.4.1 with the latest security and performance enhancements ahead of what experts call the busiest ecommerce holiday season ever. Merchants are encouraged to upgrade to prepare and secure their online stores for the surge in traffic and rapid sales motions expected during Q4 of 2020.

  • New B2B updates that enhance the buyer and seller experience and increase security
  • Site-Wide Analysis Tool is now fully integrated with the Magento Admin
  • Improvements to bulk image operations and filtering in our new Media Gallery
  • Expanded support for headless commerce and PWA to reach shoppers on all digital touchpoints
  • Improved security by adding CAPTCHA to order placement to avoid carding and support for SameSite cookie attribute
Data warehousing management

Adobe Commerce (Magento) 2.4.1 Major Highlights

B2B Commerce

Continuing our commitment to B2B merchants, this release includes multiple updates that enhance the user experience and increase security. Buyers now benefit from personalized shipping methods, faster requisition list creation, and approval workflow usability enhancements. Sellers can charge to company credit using payment on account when creating orders in the admin. Google reCAPTCHA is now included on the New Company Request form to reduce creation of fraudulent accounts.

Site-Wide Analysis Tool

In September, Adobe launched automated monthly delivery of Site-Wide Analysis Tool Reports to Magento Commerce customers hosted in the cloud. With the release of Magento v2.4.1, the Site-Wide Analysis Tool Portal is now fully integrated with the Magento Admin Panel. With this integration, Commerce Cloud customers will have real-time access to the Site-Wide Analysis Tool dashboard, which provide easy insight into site health, performance, functionality, and offers recommendations to fix known issues.

Faster Content Creation and Improved Storefront Experience

We continue to improve the content workflow in Magento 2.4.1. The new Media Gallery, introduced in Magento 2.4, now allows bulk image operations, duplicate detection, and custom metadata. We’re also lowering the cost and time to market for headless storefronts as we continue to build out PWA Studio components and expand GraphQL coverage for key Magento capabilities, including product reviews, gift options, and rewards.

Other Magento Commerce 2.4.1 highlights:

  • The dotdigital Vendor Bundled Extension is now integrated with Page Builder allowing marketers to easily embed dotdigital’s Engagement Cloud pages and forms to any storefront page
  • Multiple performance improvements including up to 20% reduction in consumer queue CPU consumption and 15% reduction in the size of network transfers between Magento and Redis
  • 150+ functional quality improvements

For complete details about this release, visit the Release Notes.


Additional updates and features:

  • WebMethods.io Connector (by Software AG) - This integration enables out of the box connectivity between Magento Commerce and other enterprise applications like ERPs. This connector launched in early September and is compatible with Magento Commerce 2.4.x and 2.3.x release lines
  • Adobe is updating our software lifecycle policy regarding supported minor versions. Starting in 2021, supported versions that are no longer the most current minor release line of Magento (currently only 2.3) will move to security-only updates. All quality updates for 2.3.x will instead be distributed through the new Magento Quality Patches (MQP) tool.

For complete details about this release, visit the Release Notes.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) 2.4 Release information

To get more detail on each of these features read the article

What's new in Magento 2.4?

In July, Adobe released Magento Commerce 2.4, expanding on our industry leading platform to provide merchants with capabilities that will help them capture new opportunities in the current commerce landscape and prepare for the future.

  • Streamline B2B purchasing with purchase approval workflows
  • Deliver exceptional customer service with Seller Assisted Shopping
  • Generate growth and bring value back to physical locations with In-Store Pickup
  • Save time and resources on your creative workflow with a new Media Gallery
  • Build headless and PWA storefronts faster and more reliably
  • Support higher traffic volumes and deliver exceptional performance with substantial platform upgrades
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Adobe Commerce (Magento) 2.4 Major Highlights

Purchase Approval Workflows

Our new approval workflow feature enables B2B buying companies to easily customize how they review and approve purchases—all without coding. Companies can now configure and assign purchase order approval rules based on order value, SKUs, and shipping costs. For sellers, offering the option for self-service approval workflows enables them to attract new business and grow online sales by supporting their customers’ purchasing policies. For buyers, workflow approval processes streamline the pre-purchase approval process for greater convenience and faster ordering, while at the same time ensuring spending control for online purchasing.

In-Store Pickup

With In-Store Pick Up in Inventory Management (formerly MSI), merchants can easily select which physical inventory locations are eligible as a customer pickup location. During checkout, customers can quickly find a location near them and view other essential information such as store hours. Once orders have been placed, store associates can notify the customer that their order is ready for pickup with a single click. Furthermore, this can be adapted for curbside pickup which has become the preferred way for many shoppers to pick up their purchases and minimize health risks.

Asset Management in the New Media Gallery

Streamline your creative workflow with a completely rebuilt Media Gallery that performs up to 30x faster and strengthens our integration with Adobe Stock. This completely rebuilt Media Gallery reinvents asset management saving significant time and resources for creative stakeholders.

Other Magento Commerce 2.4 highlights:

  • PWA Studio introduces a new Venia storefront experience that was built with Page Builder content types and a complete cart and checkout workflow to accelerate implementations.
  • We also continue to expand our support for headless commerce with greater coverage of GraphQL APIs to build custom experiences for all digital touchpoints.
  • Starting with 2.4, we are securing the Admin portal by requiring Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for all users. Learn more about Implementing 2FA throughout Magento.
  • The core Braintree integration has been migrated to a Vendor Bundled Extension allowing them to deliver more frequent updates and enabling new capabilities including support for Venmo, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. See the full list of capabilities in the Magento Marketplace.
  • Scalability improvements include Redis optimizations that allow merchants to serve a higher amount of traffic without performance degradation and pages that load up to 43% faster at high traffic volumes.
  • Faster cart and checkout performance like 50% faster reordering and 30% faster add-to-cart performance during quick ordering.
  • The new Composer Update Plugin that automates several previously manual upgrade steps, making the process easier and safer.
  • Updated tech stack components ensure long term compliance and security while unlocking additional performance improvements.

For complete details about this release, visit the Release Notes.

Additional updates and features

Product Recommendations for Magento Commerce has been integrated with Magento’s content creation tool, Page Builder. This further differentiates our recommendations capabilities by extending the embedded Magento Admin experience to streamline workflows. Magento merchants can now seamlessly drag and drop Sensei-powered recommendation units on any position within content that’s being authored in Page Builder. Learn More

Adobe Commerce (Magento) 2.3.5 Release information

To get more detail on each of these features read our release blog article

What's new in Magento?

In addition to our core code release, Magento Commerce 2.3.5 has some exciting new enhancements. Product Recommendations, exclusive to Magento Commerce customers, harnesses Adobe Sensei’s powerful AI technology to deliver relevant recommendations based on shoppers’ preferences and behavior. Page Builder also received substantial improvements that will enable you to save valuable time and create even more engaging content. The Amazon Sales Channel extension also saw considerable enhancements, with a fresher look, a revamped UI and an optimized onboarding process. Lastly, our Cloud team released three new packages that now make up our ECE-Tools Suite to continue improving cloud development.

Data warehousing management
Product Recommendations, powered by Adobe Sensei

Harnessing the power of Adobe Sensei businesses can automatically recommend the most relevant products to every shopper throughout their storefront journey. The feature automatically analyzes product and shopper behavior and recommends products for each unique shopper. Merchants manage all of this through a dedicated UI embedded directly into the Magento Admin. It is available exclusively to Magento Commerce customers (versions 2.3.0+) via the Magento Marketplace.

Learn more

Page Builder Templates and Video Background Playback

Page Builder introduces Templates, a template manager that allows merchants to save previously created content and layouts as templates for reuse across all sites. Apply these templates to new content areas on any Store View to build new pages and launch new sites even faster. We’ve also added support for additional rich media assets with the ability to use video as content background to deliver yet a more immersive and engaging experience to shoppers.

Watch video

Additional updates and features

  • Quality and performance enhancements across the entire platform, including to areas like Inventory Management, the B2B module, and all Vendor Bundled Extensions.
  • Deprecation of Core Payments: As of Magento 2.3.5 all core payment integrations, except PayPal, have been deprecated and merchants should transition to their corresponding Marketplace extensions. For more information visit our DevBlog.
  • Security: We’ve implemented multiple security fixes including the addition of the Content Security Policy (CSP), an added layer of security that helps detect and mitigate certain types of Cross Site Scripting and data injection attacks.
  • Amazon Sales Channel (4.0) brings a faster and simpler onboarding process, in addition to featuring a brand-new UI with a fresher look and easy to read dashboards and store views. Download the latest version from our Magento Marketplace today and read more about these changes in our User Guide.
  • Magento Commerce ECE-Tools 2002.1.0. This version introduces a new scenario deployment process, thus resembling more the process our on-prem version offers. Developers will be able to change, remove and re-arrange steps, just like they do when deploying on-prem instances. Furthermore, we are introducing 3 new packages that now conform our ECE Tools Suite: Magento Cloud Components, Magento Cloud Patches and Magento Cloud Docker. Visit this post for more information.
For complete details about this release, visit the Release Notes.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) 2.3.4 Release information

To get more detail on each of these features read our release blog article

Page builder enhancement
Page Builder & PWA Studio Compatibility

Content created with Page Builder can now be rendered in PWA Studio’s Venia reference storefront putting the power, speed, and creative control of Page Builder into the hands of marketers designing PWA Studio-based storefronts.

Adobe stock integration
Adobe Stock Integration

This integration now enables merchants to add high-quality media assets to website content without leaving the Magento Admin to simplify their creative process, streamline workflow, and help them create more professional and visually compelling sites.

Page builder enhancement
Chat powered by dotdigital

Exceed expectations, increase conversion rates, and keep customers coming back with real-time engagement through Live Chat. All Magento 2 merchants can receive a free live chat agent, without the need for a full dotdigital Engagement Cloud license.

Additional updates and features

  • PWA Studio 5.0.0: Beyond compatibility with Page Builder, the latest update of PWA Studio includes new tools to help get a new project up and running more quickly, and “Talons” to make it easier to work with Venia UI components. Learn about these changes and more in the PWA Studio Release Notes.
  • GraphQL: This release includes improved GraphQL coverage as we continue to better enable a growing number of merchants to take a headless approach to storefront development. See detailed changes on our GraphQL Release Notes.
  • Improved Performance: We’ve made performance improvements to several areas of the platform, including storefront performance, by minimizing requests to the server. We’ve also optimized Inventory Management and B2B capabilities.
  • Authorize.net: The core integration of the Authorize.net payment method has been deprecated as we have done with other payment methods following the EU’s PSD2 regulation. Please use the official payment integration that is available on Marketplace.
  • Security and Platform Quality Upgrades: We’ve introduced a number of security fixes along with upgrades to platform components for improved security and PCI compliance. See the Adobe Security Bulletins for more information about security updates included in this new version.
For complete details about this release, visit the Release Notes.

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