Intuitive Workflows for Creative

Reduce the creative development costs of your digital advertising with intuitive, self-serve user interfaces and custom templates that let you edit different elements, while still enforcing rules that keep new layouts on brand.

Time is money. Let’s get some of it back to you.

Your design team has a wide range of skill sets you cherish. Perfecting ad templates and making text tweaks probably aren’t among them. For designers to accelerate their productivity, they need tools that make the process simple to navigate without requiring expert knowledge.

Fortunately, we have a long history of developing intuitive workflows and navigation for creatives. Our self-serve interface and reporting tools are developed with one thing in mind—saving time. While our customizable, reusable templates are flexible enough for a design team. You’ll find our templates make it easy to edit different elements directly in Advertising Cloud and let you set creative permissions from a single console to ensure everything stays on brand and avoids costly mistakes.

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Flexible ad templates
Customize and reuse ad templates. Edit different elements and set permissions directly from the Advertising Cloud platform. This ensures your creative stays on brand no matter who sets it up.

Intuitive self-serve UI
A customizable workspace view helps you drag-and-drop, copy and paste, and create dynamic tags — minimal to no coding experience required. Work on your own, or let our Adobe experts light the way.

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Rules-based experiences

Use rules-based decision trees to unfold a series of ads to your customers that takes them through a journey and follows them even if they move to different devices or websites.

Custom creative services

Get help keeping up with the latest in digital advertising. Our experts can show you how to create customized, interactive, jaw-dropping ads that won’t just sell products, but will also engage your audience at a deeper level and move you to the forefront of technology.

Feed-driven creative

Automatically build thousands of digital ads that vary in real time for product-based retargeting, creative personalization, audience segmentation, and customer journey. All of which can be optimized with a feed-based algorithm using multivariate testing.

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