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What we offer

Account-based lead management and attribution

Personalized account-based marketing

Personalized engagements at every stage

B2B analytics and attribution

Understand and improve the journey with data

Sales and marketing alignment

Seamlessly shift from marketing to sales-led engagement

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What we offer

Account-based engagement, lead management, and attribution at scale

Today, the complexity of the B2B sales cycle is only made more complex by customers who expect B2C-type experiences. Companies need efficiency, agility, and creativity when engaging with customer accounts, plus the ability to measure success through analysis and optimization.

This is where Adobe comes in. Here’s how.

Excited to be a B2B marketing automation Leader.

Read 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for B2B Marketing Automation Platforms to see why Adobe has been named a Leader. 

Personalized account-based marketing

Personalized engagements at every stage of the buying cycle

When it comes to engaging with a buying team of multiple individuals, cohesive experience is key — and personalization is how you’ll stand out. With Adobe, you’ll get more reach, more agility, and better account-based customer engagement.

With predictive content and A/B testing, you’ll be on your way to delivering consistent and relevant customer experiences every time. And you’ll be one step closer to implementing an effective ABM strategy that scales.

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B2B analytics and Attribution

Understand and improve the journey with connected data

Gain a complete view of every B2B buyer’s journey, including online and offline touchpoints, and quantify your marketing performance to understand the impact and ROI of every marketing channel.

With analytics and attribution, you’ll begin to understand what content and buyer interactions are driving progression and revenue, and which ones are not.

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Sales and Marketing alignment

Consistency and collaboration for customer-facing teams

Enhancing sales performance and alignment with marketing starts with better data sharing and better-quality leads. With Adobe, you can increase marketing efficiency and ROI with productivity features, connected data, and efficient workflows.

This teamwork between sales and marketing will help create consistent and cohesive messaging as your prospects’ buying teams go through the complex buying cycle.

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“That’s what personalization looks like in B2B marketing—the ability to roll out creative content in a way that’s highly targeted and relevant.”

Joerg Hufschmid
Marketing Manager, Panasonic Business Europe

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