Predictive Forecasting Tools

Plan your campaign strategy with ready-to-use forecasting tools with artificial intelligence, powered by Adobe Sensei. Run simulations that show how much to spend on every campaign. Get customized spend recommendations that help stretch your budget across all your portfolios. Pinpoint insights with granular modeling down to the keyword—including cost, clicks, position, cost-per-click, and revenue.


Know your audience’s next step — before they do.

You have a budget. And you need it to land as many conversions as possible. This means you have to make exactly the right trade-offs. But consumers now use multiple devices and engage with brands on multiple channels — making it even harder to predict your audience’s behavior.

Predictive modeling is powered by Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning framework. It tells you what’s most likely to happen based on the scenarios you set up. By forecasting the future viewing habits of your audience, the AI-powered engine selects the right path, and even makes the tough trade-off decisions — on audience, device, geography, and time. The result is an increase in your conversions with the exact same budget, or you can even lower your budget while maintaining your current conversion rate.


See what makes it work.

Run simulations to forecast conversions at your preferred granularity—portfolio, campaign, keyword and device level. Advanced mode lets you preview outcomes based on different objectives and conversion-attribution settings.

Accurate modeling (black-box free)
We don’t hide our modeling behind a back-end curtain. Generated by our market-leading algorithm, our predictions are listed front and center in your Portfolio Spotlight dashboard. The trend graph feature lets you track our accuracy over time (hint, it’s pretty good) and our detailed analysis gives you cost and revenue predictions down to the keyword level.

Spend recommendations
With the spend recommendation tool, you can pinpoint exactly how much to spend across all your portfolios, even ones with finely nuanced differences. We’ll show you the most revenue you can expect at a given daily spend or total budget and recommend changes which you can make right in the tool.

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