Adobe experience Manager Guides

Self-service help and support content

Improve customer service metrics and compliance with easily searchable, relevant and consistent information across all channels.

Get accurate, essential information to your users faster.

Financial organisations, governments, healthcare and other industries have complex information they need to convey to clients or employees. Different departments tend to document their own information which results in content inconsistency. This business-critical information can be out of date, difficult to find and even more difficult to follow. The risks are high — lower productivity, missed goals, customer churn, compliance violations or financial losses.

Lower risk while improving compliance.

Your component content management system (CCMS) is your greatest tool to provide accurate, up to date and timely information in the shortest possible turnaround time.

Reduce risk.
Outdated or inaccurate documentation can open you up to regulatory, financial and reputational risk, but the right CCMS guarantees accurate, up-to date content that protects your business.

Preserve content integrity.
Maintain an audit trail and document history, improving accountability and content accuracy.

Minimise errors.
Content health reports flag untranslated or out-of-sync content help minimise errors and ensure accuracy across every channel and audience.

Maintain a single source of truth.
A centralised repository and single sourcing to ensure content consistency, reduces hassle of managing scattered content and removes redundancy.


Adobe Experience Manager Guides is designed for all kinds of content.

An end-to-end component content management system built to publish, update and manage all your help and support content.

Policies and procedures

Support portals

Knowledgeable articles

Standard operating procedures

Regulatory and legal guidelines

Make content easily searchable and contextually relevant.

Whether it’s customer support information or policies and procedures, your organisation’s success depends on your content being easy to find.

Improve usability with conditional content.
Structured content makes it easy to filter relevant content toward different departments, users, geos, levels and so on.

Increase collaboration.
Web-based reviews make collaboration simple and intuitive and allow for SMEs to conveniently review and contribute to highly detailed content.

Increase content discoverability.
Rich metadata available with structured content makes documentation highly searchable and improves search engine optimisation (SEO) performance.

Increase customer retention with better service.

The right CCMS helps ensure that you always deliver the best help and support experience to your customers.

Reach users easily.
Make content available to users across the channels and formats they use the most.

Reduce customer support costs.
Quality help content that is up to date and easily searchable improves customer satisfaction as well as response times and reduces the number of customer support calls.

Update content faster.
Smoother publishing workflows for faster go-to-market timing for content, especially for any last-minute changes or incremental updates.