Rules-Based Experiences

Use rules-based decision trees to unfold a series of ads to your customers that takes them through a journey and follows them even if they move to different devices or websites.


Every story has a beginning. Help yours have a happy ending.

Today’s customers crave personalized experiences, yet many advertisers struggle to deliver. As your customer’s use of ad blocking continues to rise — along with their expectations — coming up with that elusive, actionable game plan for personalization becomes more important. You know you’ve got a great offer, but you’re not sure how to convey it in a way that seamlessly tells the whole story. And the last thing you want to do is irk your customers with generic messages played on repeat.

With rules-based experiences, you build out stories with logical chapters and sequences. This can help you target audiences consistently along the messaging journey and engage them on a personal level. A decision-tree model further drives strategic shifts that keeps your ads clear, concise, and on message. When you tell stories that engage customers in a logical way, you’ll improve loyalty and have them wanting more.


See what makes it work.

Experience tree
Visualize messaging sequences by target audience, create multiple nodes to predict outcomes, and make real-time changes without having to re-traffic the same ad creative.
Size-agnostic sequencing
Use sequential advertising to guide target audiences through a consistent messaging journey, regardless of how or where they choose to engage.

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