Build next-gen B2B experiences that boost your revenue growth top to bottom.

Your B2B buyers demand seamless experiences between marketing, sales, and your products. Differentiate your manufacturing brand by digitizing the customer experience. By being easier to do business with, you’ll deliver cost savings and profitable revenue growth.

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Adobe Experience Cloud delivers a comprehensive set of customer
experience tools for B2B manufacturers.

Deliver modern, account-based experiences that make every interaction valuable and relevant. With unified data, AI-powered insights, and content automation, you can scale marketing and sales to grow revenue by transforming customer journeys into assisted and self-service experiences.

Turn prospects into lasting customers.

The buyer journey requires AI-powered data unification and predictive analytics to quickly identify customer needs. From there, you can map the best approach to account planning using continuously updated customer profiles. You’ll be set to deliver the right content and communications to every buyer, inspiring their lasting loyalty.

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Deliver engaging B2B content that converts.

Empowered buyers drive manufacturing sales, and the right platform helps you reach these individuals. Marketers can create and manage content at scale while automating and accelerating cross-channel content delivery that fuels the buyer journey. Save time and resources as you create experiences that convert more prospects to sales.

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Let buyers lead their own experiences.

Buyers decide when to engage your sales reps. To ensure a smooth connection, make their digital journey an integral part of the sales process. Enrich your CRM data with customer activity outside of sales interactions for insights into what your buyers need to explore and evaluate options. Put buyers in control with assisted and self-service buying journeys to drive profitable growth.

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“Our goal is to have better and more relevant customer relationships. With Adobe, we’re creating seamless digital experiences that allow us to support our customers and make sure that that they feel comfortable with taking the next steps throughout the sales funnel.”

Jens Nielsen,
Senior Manager of Marketing Automation, Lead Excellence and Analytics

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