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“To win in today’s world, every business has to transform themselves to

become maniacally focused on the customer experience.”

Shantanu Narayan, CEO Adobe

eGuide | Adobe

Content personalisation at scale:

it’s easier than you think

Personalised traveller experiences equal better business performances for Air France-KLM. And the journey towards personalised traveller experiences starts with content.

What if we’d tell you this is actually easier than you’d think!? In this eGuide, we’ll present the four challenges and show you how to overcome them.

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Article | Adobe

Hybrid CMS: The best of both worlds

The adoption of headless-only CMS continues to be driven primarily by the needs of technical users who want modern front-end frameworks and microservices architecture without the limitations of traditional CMS. The problem, however, is that it might also disempower marketers and other business users from having the ability to manage and optimise content. In this article, we’ll deep-dive into this interesting topic.

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Article | Adobe

7 criteria for evaluating an agile CMS

Traditional content management systems often result in enterprise teams working in silos with different tools and platforms for marketing, IT, and other practitioners.

To combat this, an agile CMS needs to meet 7 criteria. In this article we’ll describe these in depth.

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Customer Story | Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa's Content Experience Platform Transformation

Lufthansa Group realized its mission to create a better customer experience by developing a new digital platform on Adobe Experience Manager.

The relaunched content platform offers a unified foundation for future website development and improves collaboration and content reuse across Lufthansa Groups divisions.

Listen to Lufthansa's experience (27-min video)

Put your data to work in real-time with

Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe Experience Platform, the foundation of Experience Cloud products, is an open system that transforms all your data — Adobe and non-Adobe — into robust customer profiles that update in real-time and uses AI-driven insights to help you to deliver the right experiences across every channel.

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