All Forms of TV

Reach your consumers regardless of where and how they consume television content. Gain access to the most broadcast and linear cable inventory of any platform and the ability to activate private marketplaces.

TV advertising that steals the show.

Today’s consumers are bombarded with irrelevant ads on a daily basis — and they’re not limited to a single screen, either. You want to find your customers on their favorite devices, understand their needs, and then reach them efficiently with engaging experiences. All with a clear understanding of what your ad dollars are buying.
It’s a lot to consider. By using Adobe Advertising Cloud to access TV in all its forms, you can buy from ad inventory across the entire TV experience. This gives you the potential to reach millions of households across national, local, VOD, and addressable TV inventory — including private marketplaces. By tapping into linear, addressable, and connected TV, you’ll be able to reach out to consumers regardless of where and how they consume television content.

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Comprehensive inventory
Access to 100+ million households across national, local, VOD, and addressable TV inventory.

Strategic audiences
Choose from over 30,000 audience data attributes to create a custom audience network that goes beyond basic age and gender targeting.

Incremental reach
Craft a television buy that delivers incremental reach for your upfront or scatter plans. Target underexposed or unique viewers for more reach, not frequency.


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Discover how Adobe Advertising Cloud and NBCUniversal work together to enhance the TV ad experience in this article on the Adobe blog.

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TV analytics and attribution

Understand the needs of your customers with a mix of brand surveys, measurement options for digital and offline conversions, duplication analysis, reach and frequency rankings, and Nielsen-verified, transparent, audience-reach reporting.

TV-to-digital planning

See your entire advertising plan from digital to TV so you can identify overlap, economic efficiencies, and audience-reach opportunities. Use digital data and viewership patterns to bridge the gap between digital and traditional TV video advertising to more effectively target households.

Data-driven targeting

Go beyond traditional age and gender demographics used in TV advertising to include viewership patterns, first-party data, brand affinity, consumer behaviors, and psychographics. You can also forecast viewing habits based on custom audience behavior and attributes.

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