Adobe Target Features

You want to make every experience at every touchpoint better. With the testing and personalization power of Adobe Target, you can with ease. See how our features make meaningful optimization a reality.

Experiment and learn

Use A/B and multivariate tests anywhere and everywhere.

You can set up tests everywhere your customer connects with your brand. Easily create your tests and see the results.

A/B testing

A/B test your whole experience, including images, copy, UI, and more, to find the winning experience. Target’s rigorous testing approach is designed to test multiple variations at the same time and find the winner faster and more confidence.

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Multivariate testing

Test multiple elements simultaneously — including image, layout, background color, copy, and so on — to find the most effective combination.

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Multi-armed bandit testing

Automatically allocate traffic to the most successful experience to more visitors earlier for increased conversion and revenue.

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Optimize and win

Website optimization

Quickly understand and put into action the best combinations of offers and layouts to help your customers progress and convert.

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Single-page app optimization

Test, optimize, and personalize the customer experience for your single-page apps.

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Mobile optimization

Testing isn’t just for your website. It’s also great for mobile optimization and personalization. Maximize the gain from the winning mobile experiences faster — even as you’re still testing.

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On-device decisions

On-device decisions gives developers and product owners the ability to deliver experimentation and personalization from within a user’s device, across channels, at near-zero latency.

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Server-side optimization

Use Target’s single delivery platform to run your optimization or personalization activity on the server side. Run your client-side java script code on the server side as well, powered by our node.js environment.

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Email optimization

With its server-side architecture, true real-time marketer control, and flexible implementation, Target allows you to test, target, and personalize emails in real time.

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Connected device optimization

Every day, more devices, products, and customer experiences are becoming smart and internet enabled. If your product is online, we can help you test and optimize its experience for your customers.

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Visual preview QA

Review your testing and personalization activities without having to activate them. A shareable link allows key stakeholders to fully preview each variation for approval, so you can execute with confidence.

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Batch experience prefetch

Prefetch and cache the experience variations from testing and personalization activities across your customer journey. These help you deliver always-on personalization, even when internet or network connection cuts out, and it increases speed and performance of experience delivery.

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Improve every experience. Every time.

Make the most of your insights immediately with real-time optimization across platforms. You can also easily share variations with stakeholders before you execute.

Personalize and promote

Give a personalized experience to every customer.

You can offer your customers exactly what they want — a personalized experience every time. Now it’s possible with a personalization engine powered by artificial intelligence.

Rules-based personalization

Personalize based on gender, age, brand affinity, or any profile data available on your site. Build your own rules to drive personalization across different touchpoints.

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One-click personalization

Tap into powerful AI — using one-click to activate testing and personalization — to find the best performing experience for each visitor.

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Profiles and segmentation

Collect the time spent on site, browser history, age, gender, loyalty status, etc. with Adobe Target — then store all of this data in a unified visitor profile. Import your data, like CRM or purchased 3rd party data, into the unified profile for an even more informed view into your customer.

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Behavioral targeting

Personalize based on gender, age, occupation, language, loyalty, brand affinity, searched terms, or whatever profile data available on your site. And build your own business rules to drive the personalization across all of your customer touchpoints.

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Automated offers

Automate large-scale testing and experimentation, powered by Adobe Sensei multiple machine-learning methods, to identify the best performing offer for each visitor.

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Product recommendations

Use powerful AI-driven algorithms to automatically display products or content that might interest your customers all along their journey with you. Promote, weigh, and filter recommendations from an intuitive interface without help from IT.

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Content and media recommendations

Recommend content for your subscribers based on what others are viewing, what’s trending, etc., to provide an engaging experience for your visitors and lengthen their time spent on your site.

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Location-based personalization

If you’re a business spread out over different locations, you can still provide an experience that resonates with each region. Locate your visitors and personalize the offer, image, content, and more for people in a specific area.

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Enterprise governance

Maintain control of who has access to what while still giving individuals and teams the appropriate permissions to create powerful personalized experiences.

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