Brand Surveys and Testing

Determine the influence of brand advertising with our proprietary A/B testing tool, Experiment Designer. And to measure brand lift and channel impact, use our free, in-house, real-time survey tool.


Online, offline, your bottom line — tools for every campaign.

It’s important not to just test, but to truly understand who is — and isn’t — influenced by your advertising campaigns. But traditional testing and survey tools don’t work in tandem, leaving you to piece together consumer sentiment — and that view can be hit-or-miss, at best.

Integrated brand studies in Adobe Advertising Cloud bring the pieces together, giving you a comprehensive snapshot of every campaign, every time. With simple experimentation to eliminate bias, and cross-channel assessments to gauge impact and efficacy, you’ll always have your finger on the pulse of every campaign.


See what makes it work.

Design real-time experiments
Ideal for A/B testing, create simple, clean experiments all in our user-friendly proprietary tool — which doesn’t require any heavy lifting from coders or developers. Test more than just audience or creative — you can test anything that is available to target in a placement — frequency, daypart, audience, creative, and more. Real-time results gives you control to adjust and change strategies for constant improvement.

Results that reach online and in-store
By measuring the impact of online advertisements on offline sales, get a complete look at how digital and TV are driving in-store conversions. It’s a comprehensive approach to connecting the cross-channel dots, helping you make smarter business decisions.

Complete transparency
Assess real-time brand lift in awareness, perception, and intent, then test creative content, formats, audiences, inventory sources, or reach/frequencies to gain a complete view of your cross-channel campaign performance.

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