Advanced Search Reporting

Pinpoint the insights you need to tailor campaigns to your audience and increase conversions. See how customers engage with your ads across channels to get the full picture of their buying journey.


Your campaign. Your process. Made easier.

Setting up search campaigns can be time consuming. You need a tool that makes this easier. One that’s simple to use, reduces manual processes, and allows you to modify keywords according to their performance or your business requirement.

With intuitive search workflows, Adobe Advertising Cloud visually represents your accounts and campaigns in a tree structure. You can quickly navigate through your campaigns — no matter how complex they are — and see how each part of the campaign relates to the others. Using the bulk edit feature, you can quickly update bids based on historical performance. And if an error comes back from a search engine, the workflow helps you easily troubleshoot and process each issue.


See what makes it work.

Automated reporting
Customize reports to your needs, whether you want to evaluate performance by day of week, keyword quality, audience targets and more. Conveniently sync spreadsheet feeds right to your inbox; no more logging in and out of accounts to get your data.

Auto-filled presentations
With our Advertising Insights dashboard, you can automatically export report data into Powerpoint for presentation-ready slideshows.

Engagement data
Know more about your customers, from basic habits like their time spent on site and bounce rate to nuanced activities such as stashing potential purchases in their cart before buying.

Cross-channel conversions
Follow your customers across channels to get total transparency into their journey—from search to social to display—and down to purchase.

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Focus on strategy.

Learn how Adobe Advertising Cloud Search saves time by simplifying and automating campaign tasks in this tutorial video.

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