Digital enrollment. Emphasis on the digital.

Your customers need a simple and convenient way to provide their information, and you need an easy way to collect it. With just a few clicks, integrate your data systems for auto form filling, collect electronic signatures, and build digital workflows that automate processes such as reviewing and approving applications.


Responsive forms are the  rst step.

Responsive forms.

Your customers expect seamless digital experiences — and you need to deliver. Adobe Experience Manager Forms makes it easy for your customers to find, fill, and securely e-sign forms from any device. Forms makes it easier for you too. Automations such as AI-powered workflows and machine learning let your teams quickly create and publish forms for any device — you can even modernize existing forms at lightning speeds.

Perfect your customer communications.

Customer communications.

If you want your customers to pay attention to you, you need to pay attention to them. This starts with delivering engaging communications on any channel that are timely and relevant. Adobe Experience Manager Forms makes this simple to do with scheduled, on-demand, or batch delivery options that can be created and published on any channel or device so you can get critical communications out the door on time and your customers get the right content on their preferred channel.

The sky’s the limit with scalable authoring.

Scalable authoring.

Your brand is ready to deliver great digital experiences. But when you are working across dozens of departments and hundreds of branches, getting there efficiently is a challenge. AEM Forms lets you centrally create and manage reusable form and document content, increasing the effectiveness of authoring for business and IT. 

Come full circle with automated onboarding.

Automated onboarding.

Delivering a great customer experience starts with a well-designed front end and finishes with a seamless transition of information to your back-end systems. Forms makes this easier by replacing slow manual processes with secure, efficient automated workflows. The out-of-box task dashboard and real-time e-sign updates let you track customer progress, so you can keep your onboarding processes moving smoothly.

Marin County

 “My long-term vision for Marin County is for us to become a paperless county. Adobe Experience Manager Forms was the first step in helping us offer convenient self-serve, online services for the public.”

Rwena Holaday, Assistant Director of IT, Marin County

Marin County

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Forms can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Forms can do for your business.