Adobe Experience Manager Sites Features

Whether you’re a digital powerhouse, or just getting started with your content strategy, Adobe Experience Manager Sites can help. Industry analysts like Gartner and Forrester consistently name us as Leaders because we know how to help businesses like yours meet the challenges that come with creating, managing, and delivering personalized content to growing audiences. Take a look at what we can do.



Put your content on the fast track.

Pick up the pace of content creation with content that almost writes itself. We help you get content flowing right out of the box with templates and style systems, as well as an intuitive drag and drop design environment. With the ability to reuse content across all your channels, you’ll wonder how you ever worked any other way.

Auto-text summarization

Use Adobe Sensei’s natural language processing technology to summarize text automatically for smaller screens, so you can easily create text once and reuse it within your cross-channel experiences.

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Content fragments

Design, create, curate, and use page-independent text along with associated media, making it easy to reuse copy without having to cut and paste or rewrite it.

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Experience fragments

Group content and layouts to create channel-agnostic, reusable fragments that can publish to any screen, ensuring consistent messaging and design without building multiple creative assets.

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In-context editing

Build, publish, and update pages faster and easier with our in-context WYSIWYG interface, with its drag-and-drop components, simple keyboard shortcuts, visual search, and reusable content.

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Out-of-the-box components

Create pages with backward-compatible and flexible out-of-the-box components like bread crumbs, forms, page navigation, search teasers, and search, saving time for both authors and developers.

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Responsive web design

Streamline and reuse content across devices, with elements like layout, text size, content, navigation, and images that automatically adjust to fit the device your customer prefers.

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Single-page app editing

Edit and manage single-page applications (SPAs) built on open-source frameworks like React and Angular with the same drag-and-drop editor you use for websites.

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Style system

Standardize style and design across components or pages without back-end development. From a list of predefined styles, simply choose between different variations, instantly adapting fonts, colors, and formats.

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Template editor

Create and manage page and targeted email templates without a developer. Power authors can add and preconfigure components like text and images, as well as define which components can be edited.

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Cloud Manager

Use Cloud Manager to deploy and test features and updates automatically without compromising on performance or security. This always current cloud foundation lets you focus on delivering new innovations and forget operations and upgrades.

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Metadata and properties

Define required properties for a page like titles, tags, language, and page thumbnails, including properties connected with a live copy. Plus, view and edit metadata for content fragments.

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Multi-site management

Control your mobile and web properties from one platform, maintaining brand identity across campaigns and messaging. Let business users across geographies update region-specific changes to maintain relevance.

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Project workflows

Create projects to manage team workflows in a shared environment and monitor them with automatic notifications. And track projects and approvals with out-of-the-box workflows.

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Translation integration

Speed translation with translation management connectors available in Adobe Exchange. Configure multiple target languages, manage global translation projects, and cut costs with machine translation support.

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Version control

Track your published site at any point in time using versioning and Timewarp. Create a snapshot of a page to restore any version or go back in time to see how the page looked at any point previously.

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Juggle moving parts with ease.

When your content house works like a well-oiled machine, it’s easy to serve up just the right message no matter where your customers are. We give you one place to manage it all — from assets and project workflows to translation and version control. And with Cloud Service, we’ll even take care of the day-to-day IT issues, leaving you more time to develop innovative experiences.


Wow your audience online, offline, every time.

Delivering compelling content across geographies, devices, and personal preferences seems intimidating, but it’s within your reach. With the help of machine learning and analytics, you can automatically serve customers the most engaging content, whether they’re using a mobile app, smart device, or IoT application. And with online shopping and in-store display you’ll have all your content delivery bases covered.

Commerce Integration

Deliver and measure branded, personalized shopping experiences across touchpoints using an open, extensive commerce API framework, as well as third-party commerce and fulfillment platforms with choice of prebuilt integrations.

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Content as a service

Let users programmatically access the Experience Manager Sites content repository and get content for delivery to many third-party applications, including mobile apps, IoT apps, smart devices, and in-store screens.

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Digital signage

In addition to your website, you can design, deliver, and fine-tune all your digital displays — from interactive kiosks to digital signage — within the same platform. In-venue digital screens help raise customer interaction and deliver unified brand experiences into physical venues.

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Headless content management system

Adobe Experience Manager Sites provides the most innovation-friendly content tools in the market, enabling you to use and reuse content across web, mobile, and emerging channels — including those that have yet to be developed.

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Easily deliver content headlessly to fuel content experiences in modern apps like single-page apps, mobile apps, or in-app experiences using Adobe Experience Manager’s GraphQL API for content fragments.

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Content insights

Use web analytics and SEO recommendations to get performance data on every page you author, so you can make better content decisions with reports on total page views, unique visitors, and other related data.

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Rules-based targeting

Target specific groups of site visitors with rules based on real-time data, like geographic data or visitor behavior attributes. Then deliver relevant content to visitor segments using out-of-the-box tools, requiring little or no coding.

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Targeting insights

Understand how your activities are performing by accessing reports on conversion rate, average order value (AOV), revenue per visitor (RPV), and engagement of each audience.

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Real-time customer profile

Tap into a unified, complete, and centrally accessible profile that helps you create true personalized experiences.

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Fine-tune to fit changing needs.

There’s always room for improvement, and the customer experience is no exception. Make sure your content is always relevant using reports and recommendations around web analytics, SEO, and how your experiences are performing against business measures. We’ll even help you get it right the first time, using features like rules-based targeting — all without worrying about a line of code.