Your customers expect personalized experiences. Now you can deliver. 

Whether you have one website or 100, now you can reach your customers across geographies and cultures with content that not only speaks their language, but speaks to their hearts, too.

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Uncovering your best experiences just got a lot easier.

Your customers are people. Treat them that way.

When customers love your brand, they expect to feel the love back. And while it’s easy to make one or two customers feel special, the thought of scaling these highly personalized interactions across entire audiences and geographies is enough to make a marketer shudder. Especially when manual processes are the norm, customer data is locked in silos, marketers are heavily dependent on IT, and your tech stack is filled with legacy technologies that don’t integrate seamlessly.

Genuine personalization requires a delicate balance of data insights, targeted content, and performance results. Start with insights that give you a deep understanding of customer wants, behaviors, and buying habits. Then, deliver personalized content based on rules you define. Finally, understand how content performs so you can fine-tune it and make the experiences you deliver tomorrow even better than the ones today. 

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Adobe can help.

Adobe can help.

When you know what your customers want, it’s a lot easier to give it to them. With Adobe Experience Manager Sites, you can connect attributes from known and anonymous customers and stitch data from different sources into a unified profile to drive personalized experiences. You’ll get content insights that help you understand which experiences your customers loved, and which they’d rather do without. You’ll discover how content changes affect your bottom line with reports on conversions and revenue. 

With the ability to dial into the exact person at the right time through audience segmentation and AI and machine learning, you can deliver highly personalized digital experiences to every customer — all from one platform. And since our hybrid solution gives you the best of headless and traditional approaches to content management, you can do it across multiple channels, with minimal support from IT.


“Through digital marketing, we can gain a greater understanding of our customers’ needs and create more tailored approaches to reach them effectively.”

Mr. Moyuru Kudo, Head of Japan Digital Customer Experience, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Personalized Experiences Features

Rules-based targeting

Target specific groups of site visitors with rules based on real-time data, like geographic data or visitor behavior attributes. Then deliver relevant content to visitor segments using out-of-the-box tools, requiring little or no coding.

Content insights

Use web analytics and SEO recommendations to get performance data on every page you author, so you can make better content decisions with reports on total page views, unique visitors, and other related data.

Targeting insights

Understand how your activities are performing by accessing reports on conversion rate, average order value (AOV), revenue per visitor (RPV), and engagement of each audience.