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Adobe GenStudio Features: Coming Soon


Adobe GenStudio lets anyone quickly create high-quality, on-brand assets across web, email, paid media, and social media. Marketing and creative teams can use generative AI to create and modify assets and scale production to meet customer expectations for personalized experiences.

Adobe Firefly and third-party AI models

Adobe generative AI was designed specifically to give organizations AI they can trust. Firefly is trained on licensed and public domain content only.

Adobe also partners with third-party providers to augment Firefly with cutting-edge large language models to ensure marketing copy and creative combine to generate higher performing content faster. Team members can use simple text prompts to ideate, create, edit, and deliver assets for approval.

Learn about Firefly

Graphic depicting an Adobe Firefly prompt for brand asset photos with a "Generate" button. Underneath are outputs for custom models and a mockup of a compiled brand asset using the variant assets.
Graphic of a GenStudio example of training the tool with a brand copy to learn the tone of voice and brand core values. Additionally, training variants for brand-approved assets and colorways. The last example shows an AI prompt that says "Needs review: Creativity, Trustworthiness" in an editing panel beside more AI prompts for "Rephrase," "Shorten," and "Lengthen."

Brand connection

Use generative AI to promote and safeguard your brand. GenStudio can be trained on your brand guidelines then used to create on-brand copy and imagery. It also supports AI-powered reviews of content to ensure alignment to brand standards. Logos, fonts, templates, colors, style kits, and messaging specifications can all be standardized — and governed— within GenStudio.

Customer personas

Upload details of your company’s key personas, then use generative AI prompts to create targeted images and copy aligned to persona characteristics. Housing your personas within GenStudio allows you to quickly create campaigns for multiple audiences and address specific and diverse traits and behaviors.

The graphic shows a GenStudio customer persona with sub-segmentation options for persona type, campaign, and a generative AI prompt requesting email content output.
The graphic shows an example of GenStudio capabilities for training on product descriptions, and generating marketing asset variations and alternatives.

Product context

You can train GenStudio on your product descriptions and value propositions, so it understands your business. This allows you to use generative AI to create marketing copy specific to your product catalog and keep up with any new products you bring to market.