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Social media

Adobe GenStudio allows marketers and agencies to easily plan and create social media content, export it for fast activation, and optimize performance.

How GenStudio helps you deliver great social media campaigns.

This is a screenshot of the Adobe GenStudio user interface campaign overview panel, which shows functionality options for brand kits, timelines, assets, insights, and briefs. The example campaign view includes the campaign description, objective, tasks, personas, and products.

Step 1

Define your strategy and brief.

In GenStudio, you can centralize campaign planning, brief creation and align content to your strategy. Start by uploading a campaign brief and GenStudio uses generative AI to extract campaign data from the brief to ensure workflows and marketing content are aligned to the campaign context.

Step 2

Find available assets to reuse or adapt.

In GenStudio, you can easily access, search, and find existing approved assets aligned with your campaign parameters and use them to create new campaign content. You can also search through existing approved content for the campaign and reuse it or adapt it to create something new.

A screenshot of the Adobe GenStudio user interface content overview panel, showing functional view options for all assets, experiences, templates, and drafts. The example “all assets” content view includes search capability and content filters by campaign, channel, region, keywords, time period, asset type, file format, last modified, and uploaded by criteria.
generative AI prompt, asset, and reference options. The example content shows a full Facebook ad content mockup preview based on the variable configurations and additional content alternatives.

Step 3

Create new content using templates for X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

If existing content doesn’t meet your campaign needs, GenStudio helps you quickly generate high-performing, on-brand content with generative AI. With your preferred assets selected, you can choose the brand, product, and target persona dimensions you want to inform your generative AI prompt to build your content.

Templates for each social platform are already loaded in GenStudio, and generative AI helps fit the tone and style — not only to your brand — but also to the social platform you’re promoting on. With your prompt created and the click of a button, GenStudio will automatically generate multiple variants assembled in brand-approved templates.

Step 4

Review and approve.

Once the content has been created or edited, GenStudio automatically reviews it against your brand guidelines and conducts a brand check. If something isn’t right, it flags any brand issues based on the selected guidelines. Once you are satisfied with the content, you can submit for approval with the click of a button.

A screenshot of the Adobe GenStudio user interface content panel, showing context options for campaign, brand, personas, and products, with additional media assets. The example shows AI Assistant options for phrasing, length, and tone modifications alongside a full Facebook ad mockup preview.
This is a screenshot of the Adobe GenStudio export for activation functions. The export window includes options for downloading as HTML or CSV and images for a full ad set generated from text with AI assistance.

Step 5

Activate content on social.

Once approved, you can export the content in the right format and activate it on the desired social channel.

Step 6

Measure and monitor your social campaign.

Now that your campaign is live, you can monitor content usage and performance through simple, intuitive dashboards that enable you to quickly react and optimize based on insights surfaced directly within GenStudio.

This is a screenshot of the Adobe GenStudio user interface Insights panel, which shows search functionality and a filterable view for channels, campaigns, audiences, and status. The overview social media example includes metadata, impressions, engagement rate, and click-through rate, as well as a performance metrics graph.
This is a screenshot of the Adobe GenStudio content creation view, with previews of campaign assets for multiple channels. The prompt generator is also shown, with a text-to-image command, AI Assistant suggestions toggled on, and various campaign variables and parameter options for brands, personas, products, and media.

Step 7

Optimize content.

Since you know what content is performing well and what could be improved, you can leverage GenStudio to quickly remix and optimize lower-performing content. You can also use it to create versions of your high-performing content for other formats, channels, and campaigns.