Social learning

Give learners the chance to show off their new skills on social, topic-based discussion boards that are automatically curated with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), powered by Adobe Sensei.


Let learners show off their new skills.

The most exciting aspect of learning a new skill is the opportunity to test and refine your ideas with your peers. Having a dedicated space to discuss newfound knowledge with like-minded people is a vital step in the learning process.

Adobe Learning Manager gives learners the opportunity to share their expertise with peers through social media style, topic-based discussion boards. Other users can learn from and contribute to the topic themselves, with all content automatically checked for quality and accuracy using AI and ML.


See what makes it work

Automated content curation

  • Avoid manual moderation of posts with intelligent scans using AI and ML powered by Adobe Sensei to ensure content remains on-topic and high quality.

Adobe Learning Manager desktop app for UGC

  • Easily record, edit, and post screenshots, webcam videos, and audio clips, as well as upload local files from a single, convenient dashboard.

Extendable social learning

  • Integrate social learning experiences within your custom headless learning experience via social learning APIs.

Personalized social learning feeds

  • Learners have access to their own social feed populated by activities of peers they follow, discussion boards, and other topics of interest.

Discussion boards

  • Create communities of like-minded learners based on skills, job groups, or topics of relevance and motivate them to contribute ideas via topic-based discussion boards.

Social learning browser extensions

  • Learners can install a social learning browser extension to natively post any web content to relevant boards without interrupting their browsing experience.

Sharable user-generated content

  • Learners can publish their own videos, audio clips, and screenshots to relevant discussion boards from any device.

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