Sales Insight

Sales intelligence tools offer deep insights into buyer behaviors to help sales teams be more efficient and effective alongside sales engagement tools to capitalize on that intelligence.


Spend less time chasing leads and more time engaging and converting them

It takes more than just open communication for marketing and sales to rise above the sum of their parts. Giving sales teams complete visibility into where a customer has been, how they’ve engaged, and what their next move may be is crucial to effective, personalized outreach that feels seamless.

Adobe Marketo Engage lets you share your most valuable marketing insights with your sales team so they can act with speed and confidence. Sales Insight runs directly in your CRM, letting sales reps work in their preferred workspace as they identify promising leads and act with greater insight into that buyer’s behavior. Sales reps can not only monitor behaviors that indicate buying interest — such as email opens or website visits — but can also directly engage with customers and prospects through multi-step campaigns, customizable email templates, an integrated dialer, and more. Best of all, this activity data is all synced to the CRM and Marketo Engage to facilitate seamless cross-channel experiences and nurtures across both sales and marketing touchpoints.


See what makes it work.

Straightforward lead prioritization

  • Focus on the hottest opportunities with lead prioritization ranking in your buyer status dashboard.
  • Get in front of buyers as soon as they are ready with real-time, multi-attributing lead scoring including buyer urgency scoring, comparative lead scoring, and best fit modeling.

Seamless handoffs

  • Equip sales teams with real-time buyer engagement information using ticker-style buyer updates, buying intent alerts, and key contact tagging.
  • Share specific customer responses to marketing efforts to ensure your sales team is following up with the most relevant messaging.

Sales insight actions

  • Empower reps to take quick action to engage prospects and customers directly in the CRM.
  • Execute multi-step engagement campaigns, leverage customizable email templates, make calls via an integrated dialer, and effectively manage tasks.
  • Track sales engagement activities and customer responses and sync data to the CRM and Marketo Engage to orchestrate holistic experiences across sales and marketing touchpoints.

Activity tracking

  • Track cross-channel engagement details such as web activity, email opens, and clicks — even anonymous activity is tracked and converted.
  • Tap into the complete history of buyer interest and activity with a detailed contact record, topic-based activity insights, and real-time activity capture.

Insight to action

  • Give sales teams the ability to instantly add new prospects to designated marketing campaigns.
  • Allow sales reps to automate the creation of personalized and trackable emails.
  • Let sales reps quickly deliver proven content to leads with pre-loaded email and nurture campaigns.

Real-time notifications

  • Give sales teams access to up-to-the-minute customer insights, including name, account, event type, and description, and more, directly in the CRM.
  • Equip sales teams with real-time customer updates even when they aren’t working in their CRM with Lead Feed RSS updates.

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