Content management beyond marketing.

From marketing sites and authenticated customer portals to partner extranets and employee intranets, Adobe Experience Manager Sites is the one CMS that can manage all your content in a secure, flexible, and agile way.

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All of your web properties on one platform.

Across audiences and across systems, the best digital experiences shouldn’t stop at your marketing site. Whether you want to reach existing customers, business partners, or employees, Adobe Experience Manager Sites is your go-to CMS.

Make it easy for visitors to access individualized content by building secure, authenticated websites. Produce content faster with ready-made templates and reusable content blocks. Reduce time to market with out-of-the-box, production-ready components. Build custom front-end experiences that pull content from Experience Manager in a headless manner. Expand functionality of web portals built using Experience Manager Sites via native connections to Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and flexible APIs that can connect with any backend application.

How it works

Build Authenticated Websites
Adobe Experience Manager Sites supports form-based, and modern authentication mechanisms such as Single Sign-on to allow users to securely access individualized content.

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Connect to Any Application
Implementation partners and customers can take advantage of prebuilt plug-ins, API extensions, and supporting documentation to connect Adobe Experience Manager Sites with any third-party application.

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Speed Up Content Workflows
Get content to market faster with drag-and-drop editable templates, production-ready components, and reusable content and experience fragments that speed development cycles and business user workflows.

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Innovate faster with cloud agility
Quickly test, launch, and iterate new experiences. Our cloud-native foundation lets you focus on innovation, not operations or upgrades — and it ensures your customer experiences are always high performing and scalable.

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What makes our CMS different

Adobe Experience Manager Sites is the only CMS that let you create content once and reuse it in any channel. Experience Manager combines the efficiency of headed, template-driven authoring with the flexibility of headless delivery so you can quickly deliver content to any screen. This hybrid approach offers the most innovative content delivery capabilities on the market. And with Cloud Service, you’ll have the agility and scalability to grow your business and deliver experiences with the highest levels of performance and security.

“Adobe Experience Manager provides the capabilities we need as we look to the future, without sacrificing usability or customer experiences.”

Michael Berg, Director of Web Product Management, Citrix

Technology company delivers exceptional digital experiences to internal teams and customers with Adobe Experience Manager.

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