Marketing and advertising more in sync than a ’90s boy band.

Automate, coordinate, and scale paid media buying across digital channels with tools that seamlessly connect data and experiences.

Adobe Summit

Introducing 21 must-see sessions - the Best of Adobe Summit On Demand.

A single source of truth for all your advertising.

AI optimization

Use Adobe Sensei to get spend forecasts and real-time optimization opportunities.

Connected data

Bring together marketing and advertising data for better planning, segmentation, and analysis.

Streamlined content creation

Connect creative and marketing teams with native integrations to create thousands of ads at scale.

Actionable insights

Get recommendations for how to leverage learnings in campaigns and track data in one dashboard with in-platform reporting options.

The demand-side platform connects it all.

From display to digital audio to CTV ads, bring your digital media together.

  • Combine cross-screen and cross-channel integrations.
  • Connect branding and performance intelligence.
  • Optimize campaigns toward business goals.
  • Control your exact media inventory.


Automation leads to innovation.

Connect Adobe enterprise data with publisher automation to maximize performance and increase efficiency.


  • Use AI to maximize your search, shopping, commerce, and retargeting campaigns to reach your goals.
  • Get automated insights and optimal spends.
  • See predicted revenue returns before spending a dime.
  • Connect and track data in one dashboard.

Integration — your creative superpower.

Direct integration with Adobe Creative Cloud applications lets you automatically create, test, and optimize personalized ads at scale.


  • Unite creative and advertising teams in natively connected workflows.
  • Increase messaging relevance to attract users.
  • Map out sequenced and personalized customer journeys with decision trees.
  • Use automated ad creation for prospecting and retargeting customers.
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What makes Adobe Advertising different?

Connected advertising.

Adobe Advertising is natively integrated with Adobe Experience Cloud products. These connections let you easily create consistent customer experiences through each interaction.

Advanced measurement and strategy.

With in-platform and consultancy-based reporting options, measurement with Adobe Advertising gives you the flexibility to leverage your Adobe applications as part of a holistic framework.

Adobe named a Leader in enterprise marketing suites in The Forrester Wave.


Better together.

Adobe Advertising + Adobe Analytics

Integrate with Adobe Analytics to get a deeper understanding of touchpoints throughout the customer journey and use insights to plan and optimize your paid media strategies.

Adobe Advertising + Adobe Target

With Adobe Target, you can personalize a landing page based on the creative click-through. You can even set up A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of different personalization tactics.

Adobe Advertising + Adobe Real-Time CDP

With Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, you can use data to build robust audience segments with deep insights, then activate these segments within the Adobe Advertising ecosystem.

See the results top companies are getting.
Reduced ad spend by 11%
PGA Tour
26% increase in global digital visitors

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