Unified commerce on the back end. Unified shopping on the front end.

Being able to create a unified commerce experience that lets you manage and deliver every aspect of your business model — whether you’re B2B, B2C or a hybrid — has benefits for your business and for your buyers. It simplifies your workflow while enabling a unified experience for the buyer from first impression to fulfillment and beyond.

A single view creates a singular experience.

To keep up, you’ve got to be able to manage and deliver personalized experiences that build customer loyalty. If you’re managing multiple brand sites, or a hybrid commerce business model, such as B2B and B2C, achieving a unified commerce experience becomes even more challenging.

With a unified commerce solution, you can manage and deliver all your experiences to all your brands and customers — including consumers and other businesses — from one place. This simplifies your back-end processes by minimizing the use of multiple vendors, reducing education and training costs on multiple technologies, and streamlining staffing requirements. It also reduces effort and costs in your processes by giving you flexible inventory, order, and fulfillment management. Customers can see all available inventory and purchase from any channel, while you can fulfill from any store or warehouse to speed time to delivery in the most cost-effective manner.

Fostering a unified set of organizational processes not only translates into less effort, it also helps you achieve singular and unforgettable customer experiences that build more loyalty.


One platform. Twice the business.

Capture B2B and B2C business with a single hybrid platform. Learn how going hybrid can help grow your business in Enjoy the Advantages of a Single Platform.

“When we reimagine consumer experiences, we can bring them to life because we are not constrained. Magento Commerce lets us bring our vision to life.”

Mark Teperson, Chief Digital Officer, Accent Group

Unified Commerce Features

Multi-Brand Solution

Serve all customers — business and consumer — via digital channels, without extending business resource requirements.


Provide an “endless aisle” of product to consumers and sell more effectively.

Integrated B2B Functionality

Get insights, optimization, and real-time personalization throughout the buying Journey, so you can deliver world-class shopping experiences that increase conversion rates and average order value.

Explore Other Benefits

Omnichannel Experiences

Operational Confidence

Commerce Intelligence

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