How Adobe Advertising compares to our competition.

Adobe Advertising is the only end-to-end media buying platform, but we stand out from our competition in a number of other ways. Take a look.

Discover deep integrations between Adobe Advertising and Adobe Analytics.

Get more out of your ad investments by connecting paid media with on-site actions.

Everybody else
Adobe Advertising
Omnichannel advertising
They are not truly omnichannel and typically lack one or more key advertising channel.
Adobe is a recognized leader in cross-screen and omnichannel advertising integrations, uniquely combining traditional DSP, Search in a single system.

Advertisers can tap into all channels for holistic planning, buying, managing, and optimizing — including premium and private inventory deals — with one interface.
Brand safety and media quality
They struggle to ensure brand safety, may not have depth of coverage, and can be harder to implement.
We believe we have an obligation to provide our customers with solutions that are secure, transparent, and in accordance with their values. We deploy a multi-pronged approach that includes proprietary technology and third-party integrations for verification, filtering, pre-bid blocking, site safety, content quality controls, and anti-ad fraud programs.
Flexible service models
If they own and operate media properties, this could cause a conflict of interest between their buy-side and sell-side. Which means, they can’t offer the level of performance or economic transparency and control you deserve.
We do not own media properties that we monetize with ad space and therefore can be 100% aligned with our customer’s best interest to help them optimize ad budgets and strategies.

We provide full performance and economic transparency and control to advertisers, including complete supply-chain transparency.
Creative management
They have limited ability to offer any integration with creative production and management technology.
We have a native creative management platform, Advertising Creative, that shares the same user and contextual targeting data as our DSP. This means creative can be versioned off the same user/segment definition as the DSP that is used to buy media, which equates to more accuracy and less waste.