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A single platform to improve every stage of your B2B funnel.

Today’s B2B buyers are digital-first, and they expect vendors to understand them and deliver relevant content tailored to their industry, role, and preferences. Adobe brings together data, content, web, commerce, customer journeys, and analytics in the most comprehensive B2B marketing solutions available today.

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Explore the Adobe solutions that enable world-class B2B marketing.


Complete contact, buying group, and account profiles.

Real-time unified contact and account profiles from Adobe help create a complete picture of each account so you can build the right segments and activate profile data within campaigns.

Unified customer profile. Connect and normalize online, offline, and pseudonymous customer data to create unified B2B contact and account profiles.

• Customer acquisition. Access first, second and third-party data as well as privacy-safe partner data to identify and reach high-value audiences across premium publishers without relying on deprecated cookies.

Patented data governance. Create and enforce policies around customer data to market responsibly and ensure your customer’s privacy and preferences are respected.

Buying group completeness. Measure completeness of the buying group within Adobe Journey Optimizer – B2B Edition.

Detailed contact coverage information. Quickly identify gaps in your buying groups and determine which roles you need to acquire across your target accounts with Journey Optimizer - B2B Edition.

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Supercharge your end-to-end content creation and delivery process with the power of generative AI.

Adobe offers an end-to-end solution to accelerate and streamline your content supply chain with generative AI and intelligent automation. With it, you can scale content creation, improve agility, accelerate speed to market, and increase content ROI.

  • Workflow and planning. Build connected and transparent workflows across your entire content lifecycle. Orchestrate teams, assign resources, and accelerate approval processes.
  • Content creation and production. Transform creative work with generative AI and collaboration tools embedded in your teams’ creative applications. Empower marketers to remix and tailor on-brand content for audiences or channels.
  • Asset management. Centralize, manage, and govern assets across your organization. Teams can find, share and distribute content and connect to downstream tools to put content into market faster.
  • Delivery and activation. Seamlessly deliver content across every step of the customer journey. Activate images, video, documents and rich media across channels – including web, email, webinars, apps, and more.
  • Reporting and insights. Enhance content ROI by understanding content usage and performance in-market. Intuitive dashboards help you gather insights at the attribute level (color, keyword, image background, etc.), asset type, and page level so you can get a complete picture of content performance.

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Faster, more engaging websites and digital storefronts.

Create highly engaging tailored digital experiences across web, mobile, and apps to drive engagement.

  • Site performance. Boost lighthouse scores, rank higher in SEO, and deliver more responsive pages to keep customers engaged.
  • Author and publish pages. Let marketers use a visual editor or familiar tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create and update pages so they can personalize website and apps.
  • Testing and optimization. Get built-in tools that let marketers experiment quickly and improve engagement.
  • eCommerce built for B2B. Rapidly deploy storefronts localized for brand, catalog, country, and currency and oversee your marketplaces from one interface.
  • Self-service portals. Deliver customer catalogs and pricing, and self-service customer portals for seamless ordering and easy account management.
  • Multiple brands. Connect customers to the storefront or customer portal for one or multiple brands across the globe.

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End-to-end campaigns to build and progress pipeline.

Put your customer data and tailored content into action across connected campaigns. Whether it’s a targeted demand-generation program or a complex progression campaign, marketers and sales teams have the tools to help create and manage leads, drive account-based marketing plans and orchestrate customer journeys across personas.

  • Marketing automation. Launch campaigns quickly with out-of-the-box templates or replicate high-performing campaigns to quickly scale.
  • Lead management. Deliver win-ready leads to sales with customizable lead scoring models, cross-channel nurture campaigns, and engagement tracking that automatically notifies sales when customers are signaling interest with Adobe Marketo Engage.
  • Conversational marketing. Engage customers with real-time conversations across webpages, landing pages, and webinars with Adobe Dynamic Chat.
  • Account buying group management. Identify and create buying groups within your target accounts and build tailored journeys for each buying group role. Score overall buying group engagement from individual members to understand and act on intent.
  • Generative AI-powered email and chat. Generate tailored AI-driven email messaging and chat response dialogues for each buying group role and status, with a specified tone to fit your brand and the buyer persona.

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Precise marketing with cross-channel insights and attribution.

Marketers must understand their buyer’s behaviors and evolving preferences. At the same time, they need to know how their marketing is performing across channels to refine campaigns and content. Adobe helps you generate these insights, create tailored journeys for buying groups and account segments, and provide the feedback loop to continue optimizing.

  • Web analytics. Collect streaming web data and measure customer pathing, traffic sources, content and page engagement. Understand who is coming to your site and what drives engagement and conversion with Adobe Analytics.
  • Journey insights. Identify cross-channel interactions that lead to upsells and cross-sells by measuring audience behavior and content and channel performance performance with Customer Journey Analytics.
  • Performance reporting and sharing. Access and analyze performance data with pre-built, in-app dashboards and custom reporting using any business intelligence tool and augment data and/or share results with Adobe Experience Platform.
  • Attribution AI modeling. Achieve greater precision in attributing revenue to customer touchpoints by using purpose-built AI models for B2B attribution. Use the information to develop more accurate performance scores for those touchpoints with Marketo Measure.

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Discover how customers are achieving success with B2B marketing using Adobe.

“We’ve wanted to do this for a long time. We’ve had the vision of uniting the company and creating intuitive, easy customer experiences, but we haven’t had the mechanism to change it…until now.”

Monica Koedel, Senior Director, Digital Customer Experience, Cisco

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