In a sea of expectations, keep the right content flowing.  

Creating just the right content for every channel, every device and every customer isn’t easy. This layout for websites. That image for mobile. And personalised messages for everyone. Whatever you’re up against — from spinning up a landing page in a few hours to helping IT and marketing work more efficiently together — Adobe Experience Manager Sites can help with its omnichannel foundation.

Web content management lays the foundation

Content management platforms are mission-critical for every organisation. Gartner has named us a leader because we understand great content is your competitive edge. With marketing-friendly templates, flexible developer tools, the agility and speed of a cloud-native platform and success-driven best practices that help you to publish experiences faster, we make it easy to give your customers the content they want in the moment they want it.

Cross-channel content moves you along

Customers travel through their journeys quickly and you need to keep up. Our cross-channel content feature lets you create and edit content in-context, regardless of its destination and then reuse it for experiences beyond web and mobile to reach customers through IoT devices, single page applications and in-venue screens. Marketers and developers can work simultaneously, giving both groups greater control.

Personalised experiences make it delightful

All the content in the world won’t make an impact unless it’s contextually relevant. Creating a unified customer profile — by combining attributes from first-, second- and third-party sources — gives you the insights you need to deliver the next best experience in real time, on any device or channel. With market-leading content management, analytics and optimisation tools you can deliver the right experience to the right user at the right time.

Al-powered scalability keeps you strong

You need the freedom to design meaningful customer connections. There’s no room for tedious tasks and repetitive work. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities analyse customers’ preferences to help you to choose the best experience for every step of their journey. It’s one of the reasons Gartner continuously recognises us as a leader. So, leave the creative work to your marketers. For everything else, there’s AI. 

Modern app experiences set you apart

Customer expectations for relevant, high-quality digital experiences are increasing. So marketers and developers need to work together efficiently to design, create, test and deliver faster, more personalised experiences. We combine in-context authoring for channel-specific and channel-agnostic content with modern app and headless technologies in a secure and scalable cloud environment. Continually adding support for modern frameworks like single page apps is just one example of how we’re future-proofing your customer experiences.

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“When we started, mobile and tablet represented 15% of traffic. Since then, we’ve seen nearly 50% of our traffic from mobile or tablet. In hindsight, our choice to adopt technologies that supported responsive design capabilities, like those in Adobe Marketing Cloud, was the smartest choice we made.”


Joost D, .Com Manager, Corporate Experience, Philips

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Sites can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Sites can do for your business.