Customer account management

Ensure customer service always has accurate information with account management that centralises order details from all sales and fulfilment channels.

Make every order the most important order

Every interaction with your customer is a chance to win them over or hand them to your competitors. Customer service reps need up to date inventory and order information coupled with powerful, flexible tools to provide a smooth customer experience — one that leaves a good impression.


Our order management capabilities collect the tools and information your team needs in one place, including real-time global views of inventory, centralised order information and the ability to generate returns, refunds and more. With centralised real-time information, Adobe Commerce makes each interaction faster, easier — and unforgettable.

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Customer Account Management

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Real-time order data

Give your customer service representatives the real-time order data they need to communicate effectively with customers — on the phone, through messages or in-store. Your data and processes stay aligned across all sales channels.

Delivering address changes

Quickly and easily modify addresses before a delivery request goes to the warehouse, drop shipper or store. Customers can update their address without having to change, cancel or redo their orders. Reduce the number of cancelled orders and lost sales.

Refunds, returns, appeasements

Empower customer service reps to quickly create returns, refunds or appeasements that replace frustration with satisfaction.

Robust Customisation

Easily create customised attributes specific to any customer or order — and update or change them any time. Your customer service reps can easily add account numbers, loyalty programme details and other customised data right on their screens.

API integrations

Pull in data from your WMS, ERPs and other popular software platforms using API integrations with Adobe Commerce. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing access to the applications and resources your people depend on.

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Customer Account Management

Centralise order information for customer service from all sales and fulfilment channels.

Same great buying experience. No matter the audience.

Just because you sell to different audiences doesn’t mean you need multiple systems to run your online shops. With a unified commerce solution, you can manage all content and products in one place, whether you own more than one brand, sell in several countries or use different business models.

Set various pricing structures, show different products to different audiences or customise checkout and fulfilment options. The choice is yours. Whether your audience is B2B, B2C or somewhere in between, a multi-brand solution can help you to keep it all together without switching platforms, hiring or training additional staff or bouncing between partners.