People-based Marketing

Go beyond cookies and devices to target individuals. Associate an individual’s devices to create a single profile. And with our open, agnostic platform, it’s easy to merge data sources to augment that profile. All of this can be used to find more customers with lookalike modeling.


Deliver experiences to people. Not devices.

Devices don’t buy products — people do. But getting your message in front of the right customer as they move from device to device is a huge challenge. Getting it wrong often leads to duplication, wasted money, and zero return for your efforts.

Now, you can deliver true end-to-end people-based marketing that’s both streamlined and simplified. Using any combination of your first-party audience data, third-party device graph companies, and our own proprietary Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op, you’ll have unparalleled access to audience data. All this makes it easier to plan, scale, measure, and execute all your marketing initiatives to target the right audience on the right channel — no matter what device they’re using.


See what makes it work.

More data and better targeting
Thanks to data partnerships and our Device Co-op with participating brands, you can look beyond a cookie or single device and center your strategy around the individual consumer, regardless of where or how they consume content.

Lookalike modeling
Expand your reach with new audiences. Use lookalike modeling in Audience Manager to scale first-party data segments by finding new profiles with similar attributes to your target audience.

Power in first-party data
As an Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager customer, you can ingest your own first-party data segments into our DSP and use it across any cookie-based inventory source.

Visitor context
Our people-based marketing tools give you access to data that’s critical to discovering site visitor context. This is essential for delivering highly personalized experiences to your customers on every device.


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