Faster, more engaging websites.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites is the industry-leading content management system that empowers any marketer or developer to create high-performance pages across any digital property — from web to mobile to apps.

The all-new Adobe Experience Manager Sites.

We have reimagined Experience Manager Sites to dramatically improve the speed with which you can build, author, publish, and load pages so you can manage content across devices and channels at the speed of digital business.


  • Edge Delivery Services delivers the fastest possible page load times, increasing SEO rankings, engagement, and conversion.
  • Document-based authoring lets your broader team author webpages in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Embedded A/B testing optimizes site design and content quickly.
  • Pre-optimized code and well-known JavaScript and CSS frameworks let developers launch features quickly without sacrificing performance.

Explore the benefits of Experience Manager Sites.

We have raised the bar on what a CMS can do; Experience Manager Sites lets you address the core challenges of managing your digital properties.

Increase the discoverability, traffic and conversion of your site.

Improved load times and responsiveness boost search rankings, traffic, and conversion. Experience Manager Sites is the only CMS on the market with out-of-the-box capabilities to achieve maximum performance.


  • Dramatically improve Core Web Vitals and Google Lighthouse Scores.
  • Rank higher in SEO.
  • Deliver pages faster to reduce bounce rates and keep your customers engaged.

Eliminate bottlenecks in your digital content creation and delivery.

To meet customer expectations, brands must deliver a wider variety of web and app content at a faster pace. Experience Manager Sites is the only CMS that enables every marketer to create and edit webpages quickly.


  • Let teams author pages with familiar tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Give marketers a simple drag-and-drop interface to make layout and page structure adjustments for web or app experiences with a live preview to ensure it meets your design standards.
  • Empower more of your team to create pages, with governance in place, so you can make your site and apps personalized for all your customers.

Improve engagement and conversion with continuous page optimization.

Experience Manager Sites makes experimentation and testing quick and easy — without the need for additional development cycles or integration with third-party vendors —thanks to built-in experimentation and automated reporting capabilities. Use it to:

  • Run A/B simple tests fast.
  • Run full page experiments across design, content, and UX at the same time.
  • Access insights easily via chatbot to get faster answers on page performance.

Accelerated web and app development with flexible developer tools.

Experience Manager Sites has a “build less” approach to development. This approach welcomes the use of well-known JavaScript and CSS frameworks and provides:


  • Pre-optimized boilerplate code to give you the best starting point.
  • Auto-reporting of degradations to maintain fast page load times.
  • A content-first approach that accelerates development cycles by allowing authoring, design, and coding to occur in parallel, rather than the traditional (and lengthy) linear development process.

Create content to excite your customers, wherever they are.

Experience Manager Sites offers simple-to-use tools that allow you to create, manage, and deliver engaging content across your digital properties.


  • Collaborate globally with consistent design systems, reusable content components, direct access to governed assets, and translation workflows.
  • Use responsive design tools to create consistent experiences throughout web, mobile, and app journeys.

Flexibility to work with all your technology.

Experience Manager Sites enables expanded authoring options for headless and headful delivery models out-of-the box. Content can be created and managed as reusable content fragments that can be delivered in any front end of choice.


  • Work with intuitive and comprehensive APIs.
  • Get a broad catalog of ready-made extensions, or build your own integrations with our third-party extensibility framework.

Immersive experiences heightened with intelligence.

Adobe Sensei GenAI for Experience Manager Sites provides tools for copywriting, re-writing, summarization and elaboration, and tone of voice changes all within the editing interface. With Sensei GenAI, you can autonomously create content that is:

  • Brand aware – Create content that incorporates brand tone of voice, style guidelines, and other specific requirements.
  • Personalized by audience – Leverage granular content performance insights to personalize for any persona across all channels.
  • Region specific – Go beyond translation and adapt your content based on regional preferences and behavior patterns.
  • Continually optimized – Run experiments to determine which variations perform best and use insights to improve future AI-generated content.

Forrester names Adobe a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Content Management Systems, Q3 2023 report.

Better together.

Connect Adobe products to create experiences that are right on time and just right for your customers.

Experience Manager Sites + Adobe Experience Manager Assets

Update assets and digital content everywhere automatically, saving developers and marketers’ time.

Experience Manager Sites + Adobe Commerce

Create immersive shopping experiences by enriching product pages with content and manage both content and commerce with a single

Experience Manager Sites + Adobe Analytics

Fuel content with real-time, omnichannel insights to optimize faster and make each customer interaction relevant.

Helping global brands drive business impact with personalization.

Saw a 10% boost in customer spend due to personalization.

Created pages 96 times faster.

Saw a 400% improvement in page load time.

Built and launched a new site in only 8 weeks.

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Discover the Experience Manager Sites difference.

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Content personalization is a marketing strategy that uses data about consumers to individualize their experiences when they interact with your brand. It helps brand meet their customers' needs and drive engagement and sales.

Adobe Experience Manager Content Services leverages traditional Experience Manager Pages to compose headless REST API endpoints and Experience Manager Components to define or reference the content to expose on these endpoints.

Experience Manager Content Services allows the same content abstractions used for authoring web pages in AEM Sites to define the content and schemas of these HTTP APIs. The use of Experience Manager Pages and Experience Manager Components empowers marketers to quickly compose and update flexible JSON APIs to power any application

A headless CMS is a content management system (CMS) that lets you take content from the CMS and deliver it to any front end using any framework of choice. It separates content from the presentation layer (the head), creating blocks of content that can be delivered in a channel-neutral format to power any channel or experience. This means you can create content once and reuse it everywhere.

Content as a Service lets you use any of content in Experience Manager and deliver it to any channel. You can set the content for delivery to different types of devices with just a few keystrokes. And your developers don’t need deep knowledge of the Experience Manager repository structure.

Customer Experience (CX) is the overall perception a customer has of their interactions with a company or brand across all touchpoints and channels — before, during, and after a purchase or engagement. A positive customer experience can lead to increased loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth referrals or recommendations.