Predictive audiences

Confidently identify, target, and connect with the right audience every time using AI-powered audience segmentation.


A bigger audience is good. A receptive audience is better.

Even brands that have an intimate knowledge of their target audience knows that there’s always room to grow. Potential customers appear daily, and having the tools in place to discover and convert them is key to achieving sustained growth.

Marketo Engage uses data and intelligence instead of assumptions to ensure you’re reaching exactly the right people every time. Build on the success of past campaigns by assembling new, lookalike audiences to reach out to, or find new audiences for campaigns and events, while optimize existing ones, so you deliver the the most value to every customer at every touchpoint. As you work, notifications tell you if you’re falling short of your goals ahead of time and offers recommendations to boost engagement. Marketo Engage give you a boost from AI to keep your customers engaged, whether it’s an digital campaign or your latest event.


See what makes it work.

Predictive filters

  • Increase your chances of reaching your event registration and attendance goals without increasing your overall send list using drag-and-drop, event-related predictive filters in your audience segmentation.
  • Avoid losing an audience member forever with irrelevant content by letting AI suppress recipients who are more likely to unsubscribe.

Lookalike audiences

  • Easily build or find an existing audience — including email, event, and webinar audiences — then instantly identify more people who fit the bill.
  • Use AI to find audiences similar to your best-fit customers to efficiently and effectively replicate success from one campaign to the next.

Predictive goal tracking

  • Use AI to analyze previous programs and predict whether you are going to hit your conversion goal.
  • Segment your event audience invite list that by highly likely, likely, and less likely to convert so you can communicate effectively to everyone.
  • See a breakdown of each program member’s likelihood to take a defined action, such as attend or register for an event based on historical engagement data.

AI-based recommendations

  • Take proactive actions towards achieving your event goals using AI-powered recommendations that are delivered to you as actionable insights.

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Scale your personalization and segmentation.

Using AI and machine learning to create predictive content and audience segments can increase audience engagement without increasing the manual work. We show you how to get started with this simple inforgraphic: Anatomy of an Intelligent Content and Audience Strategy.

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