TV advertising meets the new millennium.  

The first TV ad was broadcast in America about 75 years ago. Today, the annual global television ad spend is around $180 billion dollars. Many believe, even after all these years, that TV is still the most effective way to build brand and product awareness. And while the power of TV advertising holds strong, for it to continue to be effective in reaching today’s audiences, you need to adopt new technologies. With Adobe Advertising Cloud TV, you can put data in the driver's seat.

Stay tuned into TV audiences.

Even as they change channels and platforms.

It’s a golden age of television, not the golden years.

In the last few years, the number of scripted television shows has doubled. And even with an explosion of new shows, some digital advocates believe TV advertising will soon be obsolete. While this couldn’t be further from the truth, for television ads to remain relevant, advertisers have to adopt new technology — new software to deliver more effective ad experiences. It’s not about adding more programming. It’s about adding programmatic.

Taking a cue from digital, the next step for TV advertising is the automated planning and purchasing of media. That’s because TV advertising is no longer just about linear, live broadcast television. The transformation of TV has led to three primary flavors, each with unique characteristics: linear, addressable, and connected (internet-enabled) TV. To effectively advertise in today’s television ecosystem, you need the right solution that looks holistically across your entire TV buy.

This new age of advanced TV is bringing deeper levels of data and profiling than traditional demographics. New data is coming from TV manufacturers, next-generation set boxes, digital sources, and much more. All of which help you gain greater reach and improved frequency management so you can deliver more relevant TV ad experiences to new or underexposed audiences. And by integrating with analytics and data management platforms, you can utilize more data for planning, audience profiling, and targeting.

All of which will help you with measurement. Just as it did for digital, adding programmatic technology to traditional TV buying also equips you with better measurement tools. You can get an extensive understanding of the impact your TV ads have on digital engagement, offline behaviors, and brand consideration.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Advertising Cloud TV advances TV advertising through software. By using data and automation, we help you make smarter TV buying decisions, deliver precision against your audiences, and increase the impact of your TV advertising with access to over 30,000 audience data attributes. With access to the most broadcast and linear cable inventory of any platform, Advertising Cloud opens the door to the entire TV experience — linear, addressable, and connected TV to reach 100+ million households across national, local, VOD, and more..

TV advertising is part of Adobe Advertising Cloud, the industry’s first end-to-end, independent platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats. Advertising Cloud is the only one of its kind to leverage the full breadth of data and creative capabilities from Adobe. With greater control of your global advertising spend, you’ll be in the best position to achieve your business objectives.

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“Leveraging multiple data sources with Adobe Advertising Cloud enables us to get super granular with who we can target and retarget across screens during a campaign. It’s one of the key factors for driving conversion — including online purchase and web visits.”

Francesca Parodi, VP Americas Marketing, Dell

TV Advertising Features

TV-to-digital planning

See your entire advertising plan from digital to TV so you can identify overlap, economic efficiencies, and audience-reach opportunities. Use digital data and viewership patterns to bridge the gap between digital and traditional TV video advertising to more effectively target households.

All forms of TV

Reach your consumers regardless of where and how they consume television content. Gain access to the most broadcast and linear cable inventory of any platform and the ability to activate private marketplaces.

Data-driven targeting

Go beyond traditional age and gender demographics used in TV advertising to include viewership patterns, first-party data, brand affinity, consumer behaviors, and psychographics. You can also forecast viewing habits based on custom audience behavior and attributes.

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