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Make the most of your investment with our free learning and support platform, Adobe Experience League. Here, we’ll walk you through Target basics like A/B testing and one-click personalization. Then, we’ll help you with advanced tools like multi-arm bandit testing, location-based personalization, and more.

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Target guides

Instructions and documentation on how to administer, implement, and troubleshoot Target.

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Target tutorials

A library of how-to videos. Search by topic, see what’s new, and get expert recommendations here.

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Target community

Connect with Target users around the globe to talk shop, ask questions, and explore use cases.

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Dive deeper into Target

Target content library

Learn more about Target with an array of tutorials, event recordings, and guides — all filterable by topic.

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Target documentation

Browse the library of guides, tutorials, developer resources, technical documents, and release notes here.

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What is Experience League?

Experience League is Adobe’s free online learning center filled with courses, guides, support, and more. You can even personalize your learning path by creating a profile based on your goals.

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Personalized Target courses

Courses for practitioners

Courses to help the day-to-day user get the most out of Target and maximize success.

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Courses for developers

Understand the technical features of Target and learn how your team can make the most of them.

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Courses for business leaders

Learn how the personalization enabled by Target can help your organization optimize the consumer experience and drive business goals.

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