Digital solutions for a hands-on industry.

Evolving customer expectations, competitive pressure from non-traditional players, and unforeseeable supply chain challenges are creating unprecedented disruption in manufacturing. But digital-first companies have seen—and will continue to see—tremendous success in spite of these challenges, as the insight and agility needed to adapt today will only become more valuable tomorrow.

Drive your manufacturing transformation.

Digital-first manufacturing companies have a real advantage over their competitors, as A.I.-powered solutions help them find and keep customers, unify their data, and amplify sales both online and off.

Digital commerce streamlines and secures.

Buying habits of manufacturing customers are shifting from in person to online. By leaning into this shift, companies have a unique opportunity to increase their ROI while simultaneously creating a safer, more streamlined commerce environment for customers and employees alike.

Stay connected even when you’re apart.

Take advantage of the shift to digital to connect with your customers both in person and online.. Provide targeted, relevant experiences across every channel, and optimize those experiences for every individual customer with deep analytic insights and machine learning to keep them coming back.

Develop a 360-degree view of your customers.

As your company makes a digital transformation, you need a strategy that collects data from every channel. Bring it all together to get a 360-degree view of your customers. Use predictive intelligence to make forward-looking decisions based on real-time buyer activity. This detailed insight into your customers’ needs will help you foster lasting loyalty.

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Adobe Summit sessions for manufacturing.

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