Adobe Commerce features

Create world-class B2C and B2B shopping experiences with rich, out-of-the-box features. Combine these with a global ecosystem of implementation partners, a vast marketplace of extensions, and third-party integrations for unlimited ecommerce customization.


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Speed up your ecommerce platform

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Sell anywhere

Let your customers shop wherever, whenever, and however they want. With Adobe Commerce, you can easily connect shopping experiences across channels, add new brands and sites, expand into new geographies, and sell to both businesses and consumers — all from one platform.

Manage all your brands and serve all customers — business and consumer — via digital channels, from one platform.

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Easily make pages more immersive and performant with our progressive web application, which uses web browser capabilities to provide a mobile app-like experience.

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Offer a world-class B2B buying experience with custom catalogs and pricing, personalized experiences, and self-service customer portals for easy account management and ordering.

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Headless, API-based commerce is agile, fast, and flexible, letting you deliver seamless customer experiences across every channel and device.

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Bring your commerce vision to life with rich, out-of-the-box features, an unrivaled ability to customize, and effortless third-party integrations.

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Create and launch compelling content on your site to deliver best-in-class shopping experiences without creative limits — or developer support.

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AI-fueled recommendations based on shopper behavior, popular trends, product similarity, and more.

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An AI-powered search tool that delivers smarter, faster results and relevant product recommendations for B2C and B2B shoppers.

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Ensure real-time product inventory availability and visibility to meet your customers expectations across all channels.

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Sell and fulfill from anywhere with flexible, omnichannel options that let your customers pick the one that works best for them.

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Build, deploy, and optimize progressive web apps (PWAs) quickly and cost effectively with PWA Studio in Adobe Commerce Cloud.

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Ensure customer service always has accurate information with account management that centralizes order details from all sales and fulfillment channels.

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Manage and deliver

Adobe Commerce lets you marry content and commerce so you can create consistent and flawless brand interactions, craft personalized content and promotions, and deliver a smooth path to purchase.

Measure and optimize

Make the shopping experience more relevant with the insights and tools you need to personalize the experience in real time. And, with the ability to create customized dashboards and business reporting, you can do it without the help of IT.

Eliminate technical data hurdles with a central solution that lets you analyze what is important.

Learn more about business intelligence

Easily turn your data into visual reports and save them to unlimited customized dashboards. Enhanced capabilities include automated report updates, a range of data export options, and various user roles.

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Operate with confidence in cloud-based services with continuous releases, monitoring, development tools, and deployment efficiencies.

Learn more about cloud delivery

Manage and control the data your business needs to thrive using our cloud-based data warehouse that provides multiple ways to bring in your data and selective sync options.

Learn more about data warehousing and management

Run your commerce operations with the confidence that you can exceed customer expectations.

Learn more about optimized performance

Secure your commerce data with our built-in tools and best practices that make it easy to gain visibility, streamline operations, and keep every aspect of your store secure.

Learn more about security

Take your commerce capabilities to the next level with a marketplace of apps, integrations, and extensions.

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Trust in certified Level 1 Solution Provider status to aid your own PCI certification process.

Learn more about PCI compliance

Integrate your ERP system with your Adobe Commerce store to increase efficiencies. Sync inventory, orders, customer data, and shipping details between your key business systems.

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Scale and support

Get the control and flexibility you need to innovate and scale — without sacrificing security. With a team of certified global integrators and a wide array of support resources, you can also reduce technical overhead while driving high-value commerce experiences.

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