Media Library

The Adobe Experience Manager media library is a designated part of the Experience Manager content repository where images and other shared resources are stored. The media library uses the digital asset management capabilities of Experience Manager.

Take control of all your media assets with the power of machine learning.

Websites live and die by their media. But having the most breathtaking photos or viral-worthy videos doesn’t mean much if content producers can’t access them easily in a large catalog, or if lackluster tagging and archiving means users never see the best related content. And even if you make asset management a priority, without the right tools in place, wrangling your images, audio clips, videos, and documents can quickly turn into a time-suck.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites combines web-based asset management for easy collaboration. The result is greater consistency and productivity across all content authors — minus the usual headaches.

See what makes it work.

Web-based repository.

Store your digital assets without fear of conflict with your web content management system or worrying about onsite server issues.

Metadata support.

Minus the metadata, an image might not matter much. With the right support, you’ll never have to find out for sure. Media library makes it easy to manage certain metadata properties, asset versions, and workflows and viewing activities.

Learn more about the media library in Adobe Experience Manager Sites.

Know what you need.

Learn how to get exactly what you need with assets vs media library in our Help section.

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