Adobe Experience Platform features.

From data ingestion and preparation to intelligent decisioning and engagement at scale, Experience Platform is purpose-built with shared composable services to power key data workflows in multiple applications and channels.

Make your data matter.

Centralize all your customer experience data to build real-time customer profiles and apply powerful data science and artificial intelligence (AI) for instant personalized cross-channel experiences at scale.

Ingest, standardize, and persist customer data from across your enterprise in batch and real time, and then push that data to internal and external workflows.

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Translate your data into a single standard data model, or language, that makes customer data equally useful across your organization through standard schemas and schema-based workflows.

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Tie all data — including behavioral, transactional, financial, operational, and beyond — together into complete, centrally accessible profiles you can use to deliver personalization in real time.

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Connect multiple technologies to streamline the way they work together to more easily and more quickly deliver engaging customer experiences.

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Fast-track data to both Adobe and non-Adobe destinations with globally distributed edge computing engines that are optimized to support demanding, real-time events.

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Get a comprehensive view of the people behind the devices, including recognizing them on unfamiliar devices, to understand how they interact with your brand and enhance personalization efforts.

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Build and automatically maintain audience segments based on real-time customer profiles as that data is centralized in Experience Platform.


Classify, manage, and enforce how your data is used to empower data stewards and privacy specialists to manage policies for their experience data in one place.

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Manage privacy requirements for consumer data in Adobe products, including addressing individuals’ data access and delete requests and keeping up with future regulations.

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Protect your stored data with a secured infrastructure of components and services that’s monitored by our operations teams.

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Earn trust with privacy and security.

Gain your customers’ trust by securing their data, respecting their privacy, and ensuring their data is used appropriately within your organization. Turnkey solutions for adhering to data privacy regulations, like GDPR and CCPA, and industry-specific regulations, like HIPAA, make it possible to deliver personalized experiences while remaining compliant.

Discover valuable data-driven insights.

Quickly and easily access your standardized data from all channels to uncover and act on descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive insights.

Explore and distill your stored customer datasets in Adobe Experience Platform — including behavioral, CRM, point-of-sale data, and more to generate impactful insights and signals that you can act on.

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Leverage powerful AI services to better understand your customers, predict customer behavior, and make informed AI-driven decisions.

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Get all the developer tools you need to build on, integrate, and extend Adobe product functionality. 

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Build on an open, extensible platform.

Create new customer applications faster with open APIs in Experience Platform, whether you’re an Adobe customer, a system integrator, or an ISV.

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