What’s New in Adobe Target

Adobe Target keeps innovating, so you can too. Our latest updates help power your personalization at scale. With AI helping give you greater insights into your visitors, you can deliver unsurpassed personalized experiences every time, everywhere.

New Recommendations algorithm

New Recommendations algorithm

Go beyond last item viewed, and make your recommendations even more personalized. Our new machine-learning algorithm provides personalized recommendations for users based on previous browsing and buying behavior.

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SDKs for optimized deployments

SDKs for optimized deployments

Run your JavaScript code outside of the browser now with our new Node.js SDK for developers. Built on top of the latest delivery API, the Node.js SDK allows developers to optimize page load performance and deliver personalized experiences faster than ever.

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More Adobe Target release features

To succeed at personalization at scale, you need two things: the power of AI and the ability to be able to be fast and responsive to your customers. With monthly releases of valuable new Adobe Target features, we continue to innovate on both these fronts so you can create highly personalized experiences that can reach more audiences, faster.

From the ability to better understand how machine learning is working behind-the-scenes to making it easier to use and personalize a SPA website, each month we add new features to Adobe Target. Take a look below at all of our latest high-value features.

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Experience League now has new courses and content, including self-paced videos, articles, and tutorials that step you through the best practices on personalization​, so you can equip yourself and become a personalization expert. Go to Experience League now.

Adobe Target is now compliant with the Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) 2.1 and 2.2 as well as the Google SameSite cookie policies. And you can still deliver personalization across channels without impact from these new protocols due to our unified profile and global edge network.​

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Blend recommendations and build new uses cases and greater personalization strategies by using the Recommendations feature inside A/B testing and experience targeting activities.

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See which visitor attributes and traits from all your data were most important to the machine learning model in determining which experience to deliver.

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Learn about important audiences identified by the machine learning model, including the size of those audiences and how they responded to your offers or experiences.

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Make interactions with SPAs easier with the ability to cache all offers on page load to a single server call, thenshow them immediately without the lag time of traditional server calls.

Create audiences by comparing custom attributes built from your own data science and brought into Adobe Target.

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Combine the ease-of-use and power of AEM with powerful AI and machine learning capabilities in Target to bring the best of both worlds together, so you can test and personalize experiences at scale.

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Reimagine the experience with Adobe Experience Platform

One platform to drive all your experiences. Bring in your data, standardize it, make it smarter, act on it across channels, and deliver amazing experiences with less effort. Discover what Adobe Experience Platform is all about and how it can power better experiences.

Reimagine the experience with AEP

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