Two-day delivery, seamless checkout, and easy returns — with Adobe Commerce

Adobe  and FedEx are partnering on solutions that will let Adobe Commerce merchants integrate their storefronts with ShopRunner, a leading ecommerce platform and subsidiary of FedEx Services. This integration will help merchants better manage increases in package volume by offering two-day shipping and seamless checkouts and returns. Sign up to get notified when enrollment opens.

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Benefits for you and your customers

Build loyalty and retain more customers with better shipping and logistics management that offers a great last-mile delivery experience.

Two-day shipping. Merchants will have the option to enable and promote free two-day shipping to their consumers.

Easy returns. Merchants can provide shoppers with a free and easy return process backed by FedEx with services like label-less returns, access to return packaging at FedEx locations, easy drop-off and more.

Increased loyalty and customer lifetime value. With millions of shoppers actively purchasing through ShopRunner's platform, Adobe merchants will have access to a wide audience of loyal consumers via our ecommerce shipping solution.

Seamless checkout. Through ShopRunner, consumers will be able to store their payment, billing, and shipping information to complete purchases with ease.

ShopRunner’s platform is already connecting retailers with millions of shoppers. Join them.