Optimize every customer experience. Every time.

You don’t have to guess. You can know what your customers want and give them that experience. Let testing, personalization, and the power of artificial intelligence transform your brand experience from generic to genius.

Make it personal with omnichannel personalization.

By using a shared customer profile, you can deliver a consistent and personalized experience along the whole customer journey, even as it moves from channel to channel. With personalization through Adobe Target, we put the right mix of automation and control in your hands.

Stop guessing with A/B and multivariate testing.

Stop guessing with A/B and multivariate testing.

When it comes to any element of your customer's experience, if you want to improve it, then test it. Create A/B and multivariate tests to learn the most effective combination of content, layouts, UX, and more through your websites and other digital properties.

Do it for everyone with AI-powered automation and scale.

You can give each and every customer a truly personalized experience. With our AI and machine learning, powered by Adobe Sensei, you can test and personalize at scale well beyond what you’ve been able to achieve with manual or rules-driven approaches alone. Optimize by the thousands and millions.


“We found out quickly that Adobe Experience Cloud could provide the structure backbone of our testing and optimization program by supporting a repeatable process.”

Manager, Digital Testing/Optimization and Personalization, Sprint

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“Adobe gives us the ability to connect different platforms and integrate digital solutions so that we can personalize offerings as efficiently and effectively as possible."

Didrik Fjeldstad, Vice President of Marketing,  Scandinavian Airlines.

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