Boost loyalty, retention, and customer spend

In this highly competitive post-pandemic world, encouraging customer loyalty is more important than ever. In fact, increasing customer retention rates by 5% raises profits from 25% to as much as 95%. Ultimately, loyal customers are far more likely to spend.

And the research supports this. Consumers who receive personalised communications are considerably more likely to consider a purchase (76%), make a repeat purchase (78%), and recommend the company to friends and family (78%). But on the other hand, customers are notoriously fickle, and often won’t tell brands why they’re leaving, never to return.

Companies want to reduce customer churn while maximising customer lifetime value and keeping the cost of customer acquisition as low as possible. By offering a great brand story together with a frictionless, consistent and coherent customer experience that exceeds customer expectations and treats each customer as a unique individual, customers are more likely to stay.

The question is: how can you deliver excellent storytelling and an exceptional customer experience in a way that delivers significant ROI?

Marketing automation technology makes walking the walk simple – and here’s how.

Efficiently manage omnichannel communications

Marketing automation is helping leading brands manage customer communications, including offers and alerts, across all channels. For example, established hotelier AccorHotels tracks all online and offline interactions through Adobe Campaign. In doing so, it facilitates automated campaigns for targeted cross-sell, up-sell, and loyalty programme communications across channels and brands.

“Adobe Campaign enables AccorHotels to deliver the perfect message to any customer at exactly the right moment,” says Romain Roulleau, Senior Vice President, E-commerce and Digital Services, AccorHotels. “With Adobe Campaign, we have succeeded in managing the entire customer relationship using precisely timed, personalised communication.”

RCS MediaGroup tells a similar story, using Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target as an integrated multichannel platform to manage, analyse and target millions of customers.

By consolidating information from many sources to build detailed customer profiles of its customers, the group delivers more personalised cross-channel campaigns – keeping customers engaged over time.

“With all of our customer information in one place with Adobe Campaign, we can better identify marketing opportunities across channels and monetise that data through our digital advertising,” comments Luca Crisà, CRM Digital & Campaign Manager at RCS MediaGroup.

Use personalisation and storytelling to enhance the customer experience

Personalisation and storytelling are useful tools in emails to strengthen customer loyalty, drive repeat business, and stand out as a brand.

Adobe Campaign customer, L’Occitane, focuses its targeting more precisely with customer data like purchase history and website behaviour. Now, it’s running email and direct mail campaigns that show it has taken the time to understand who its customers are, and what they want.

For example, a customer might receive an email highlighting the top products viewed on their website the day before, or a message that is season-specific, such as winter beauty routine recommendations.

“Through Adobe Campaign, we can show our customers that we know who they are and that we’re listening, with the goal of strengthening loyalty,”

Anahita Besson, Director, Customer Loyalty at L’Occitane.

Leaning into personalisation gave L’Occitane a 14% response rate in a recent campaign, ultimately increasing website traffic and driving sales.

By consolidating customer data, personalising email marketing, and managing workflows centrally, brands earn more from loyal customers over time.

Adobe Campaign can secure up to $4.6 million in customer lifetime value through improved retention rates, and boost revenues through conversions by as much as $8.3 million2.

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