Maximising your investment in the customer journey

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Daniel Marshall, Customer Journey Management lead for Adobe Professional Services in EMEA – with expertise in Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe Campaign and Marketo technologies – gives expert counsel on how customers and brands can better succeed by maximising their investment in the customer journey.

We all know customer expectations are sky high. Modern customers expect engagements that are personalised, consistent and relevant. They want to feel listened to, understood and valued, throughout their entire customer journey. This means one-to-one, real-time experiences and interactions that are tailored to their actual needs and where they are in the buying process.

Whenever a consumer is hearing from a brand before purchase, post purchase, or anywhere in between, they want that message to be helpful, and align to what they want or need at their stage of the journey. And they’re expecting that level of understanding and engagement regardless of whether they’re buying from a retailer, travel company or any other vertical.

Falling short on the journey

But, despite these high expectations, far too many brands are falling short when it comes to engaging with their customers in a personalised, seamless way. Too often, their existing marketing tools can’t meet the data management and integration requirements for this personalisation to happen consistently and at scale. And as a result, they can’t ‘listen’ or act on real-time updates. Furthermore, internal teams and partners don’t have the right skill sets and knowledge to maximise on the potential of the technology investment, which greatly slows down time-to-market. Not great when instant reactions are needed for the best customer journeys.

That’s exactly why Adobe launched Adobe Journey Optimizer. Journey Optimizer has been designed to help customers meet the challenges that come with creating this level of customer experience – cross channel.

Journey Optimizer powers customer journey management with real-time profiles and insights, omnichannel orchestration and intelligent decisioning and personalisation at scale. With this technology, brands get the data, content, intelligence, and orchestration that makes personalised journeys possible. Unified profiles can be accessed in real-time, so our customers can create foundations for more complete customer journeys with a customer view that not only listens to, but acts on, real-time events and customer actions. All content and offers are consistent across the customer lifecycle – and messages can be instantaneously delivered across different channels – whether email, SMS or push, for example.

Maximising technology investment

So a brand has selected the right technology to optimise their customer journeys, but how do they capitalise on this investment? It involves working with the right team to guide their strategic planning, implementation, deployment and helping them to run and operate their solutions. Let’s look at a popular use case in the travel industry, and how it can fall short without the right setup.

As a keen traveller, the consumer has booked a stay at one of their favourite hotels, a welcome and well overdue holiday after so many COVID-19 travel restrictions in recent times... As they arrive at the resort, they receive a mobile push notification to advise them that their room is ready and they can check-in, using a mobile app. Throughout their holiday, they receive timely email and push notifications for booking restaurants and activities to ensure they have the best customer experience possible. After their holiday, they receive a post-trip email programme that provides them exclusive offers on their next booking. This is personalised to some of the activities they took part in during their previous stay, for example, the restaurants they dined in, or if they made use of the gym.

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Sounds good right? But it doesn’t always work out this way. To power personalised notifications, proper segmentation must be in place to send the right message, to the right user, at the right time. Furthermore, data profile attributes must be set-up to power those segmentation models and be mapped to the right content. Teams managing the customer journey experience must react to any issues that may arise to alleviate customer pain points in real-time. Without a proper segmentation strategy, data implementation, and operational model, many brands fail to deliver their desired customer experience.

A Professional Services touch

As we can see, it’s not just about having the right software – it’s also about having the people with the right expertise to help you make the most of it.

At Adobe Professional Services, we do just that. We help our customers rethink their programmes, so they build better ones that are more customer centric. We know the data that’s needed to create the right experiences, and we work with our customers on the data they already have – to build better profiles that allow for more contextual messages. And, as we’re the market leaders in doing this, we can help customers to get up and running extremely quickly, maximising their time to value.

Ultimately, you get a team of industry and technical experts, using market-leading technology platforms. Our Adobe Professional Services teams are best placed to help you accelerate value and drive the most from your technology investment.

That’s because we embed ourselves in your own journey, supporting you from purchase through to architecting the data and technology, ingesting the data, and coming up with the best way to create and implement the best, personalised experiences for your customers. We do that by using real-time customer profiles and insights with intelligent decisioning. Working in partnership with your teams to find the best ways to use such data, we’re not happy until you’ve unearthed the full breadth of capabilities that will make the platform do everything it needs to do to give your customers the very best, real-time, personalised journeys possible.

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