Adobe Commerce data powers personalised commerce experiences that boost sales

The surge in online interactions since the start of the pandemic has raised expectations for buyers. Most expect businesses to understand and tailor every interaction to their needs and preferences. To meet these new demands, we’re announcing the Adobe Experience Platform connector for Adobe Commerce, which will empower businesses to build rich customer profiles and deliver personalised commerce journeys. This powerful native integration gives marketers access to the rich Adobe Commerce data they need to fuel more personalised, relevant, and timely messages, as well as power in-context promotions or content to each prospect or customer.

Now that 71% of consumers expect personalisation and 76% become frustrated when they don’t find it, having an easy way to turn Adobe Commerce data into personalised commerce experiences at scale is critical to business success and can also pay huge dividends. Research from Incisiv and Adobe shows more sophisticated levels of personalisation deliver impressive results:

Data is the foundation for success

Still, delivering a personalised experience to each customer across channels, devices, and touchpoints is challenging. With third-party cookies becoming more restricted, it requires businesses to have an unprecedented command of their data, which is often trapped in different marketing and business systems. This makes it difficult to stitch together a unified customer profile, which is why only 25% of businesses have a 360-degree view of their customers in real time, according to “Data Growth and Personalized Experiences Are Top of Mind for Digitally Driven Businesses” by 451 Research. Businesses also face challenges with the varying quality and sheer volume of data they collect, making it hard to identify the insights on which to act.

Adobe Commerce data sharing fuels personalised commerce journeys

Adobe is helping businesses overcome these challenges with a no-code solution that allows customers to easily share rich Adobe Commerce data with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. Businesses are then able to deliver truly compelling and deeply personalised experiences at every step of the commerce journey — for both B2B and B2C customers.

The Adobe Experience Platform connector for Adobe Commerce, available in the Commerce Marketplace, automatically tags Adobe Commerce PHP, PWA Studio, and Adobe Experience Manager storefronts to collect and share shopper browser events with Adobe Experience Platform and other Experience Cloud solutions. Important events like searching for or viewing a product, adding an item to the cart, or completing checkout provide actionable data on buyer intent and preferences to enrich customer profiles and support enhanced segmentation, campaigns, and analysis. Businesses can also define custom events to share.

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Collecting commerce data to power personalised experiences normally requires businesses to tag every event on their site and map their data to multiple solutions, which can take weeks to implement and creates a web of integrations that are difficult to maintain. With Adobe Commerce, customers simply deploy the Experience Platform Connector, and their site is ready to share data formatted for immediate use by Adobe solutions. The entire process takes less than two hours, involves no coding, and allows businesses to collect data once and share it with all of Adobe Experience Cloud.

Once businesses share their Adobe Commerce data, it can be activated and analyzed by multiple Experience Cloud solutions. Examples include:

Future releases expand data sharing and access to Real-Time CDP segments in Adobe Commerce

Over the coming months, Adobe will enable customers to collect and share more browser events and will add server-side event and batch data. This will include real-time transaction events like orders placed, returned, shipped, or canceled that further enrich customer profiles and support additional types of triggered campaigns. Customers will even be able to share their full transaction history and store catalogs to facilitate deeper analysis. The integration between Commerce and Real-Time CDP will also become stronger with the ability to use Real-Time CDP segments to target promotions, dynamic content, and related product recommendations in Commerce for more personalised site experiences.

Learn how you can benefit from personalization

Data and personalization are critical to the success of any business in responding to changing customer needs. McKinsey & Company reports that 76% of consumers say that receiving personalised communications is a key factor in prompting their consideration of a brand, and 78% say personalised content makes them more likely to refer friends and family and repurchase. Adobe can help you start to realize the benefits of personalised commerce. Reach out to your Adobe representative or review our documentation to get started.