Listening to the world around you.

Amplifon uses Adobe Experience Cloud to provide more personal, intimate experiences as customers explore options for better hearing.




Employees: 14,000

Milan, Italy


higher customer acquisition through personalised campaigns across touchpoints


Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Target

Adobe Experience Manager


Continue to connect with customers using relevant messaging over a multi-year sales cycle

Stand out from growing competition and maintain a leading position in the industry

Provide a human touch to all customer interactions to build the trust needed for an intimate wellness product

Manage and deliver consistent messaging to customers in 21 countries across digital, print and retail store channels


30% higher customer acquisition through personalised campaigns across touchpoints

Doubled the number of people visiting shops because of successful email campaigns

Achieved a faster time to market by reducing campaign creation time from 1 week to 10 minutes

Identified new audiences with data from digital and off-line channels, including in-store systems

Cristiano Grassini Grimaldi

Global Digital Transformation Director, Amplifon

Helping audiences hear the world around them

The invention of the transistor revolutionised modern electronics and it had a particular impact on technologies that people use to communicate more effectively, including radios, telephones and hearing aids. Hearing aids empower people to better connect to the world around them and participate more fully in conversations, enjoy music and the sounds of nature and stay safe as they can more closely monitor the events around them.

Algernon Charles Holland was one of the pioneers of the emerging electronic hearing aid industry, founding Amplifon in 1950. Today, Amplifon is active in 21 countries and it has helped millions of people reconnect with family, friends and colleagues in a range of environments through innovative hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

Amplifon targets a complex audience. Its primary customers are seniors, but it also needs to reach influencers such as family members who might be looking into different hearing aids for their relatives. In addition, today’s seniors are increasingly connected. They do research online, connect with friends and brands on social media, read emails and might visit several shops before making a purchase. They often also want to talk with experts by phone.

The sales cycle for hearing aids tends to be complicated and can take years. Many customers first encounter Amplifon before they are ready for a hearing aid. When hearing loss starts to noticeably affect a person’s everyday life—such as the ability to listen to the television, speak with a waiter or hear train announcements—then someone might return to Amplifon to learn more about hearing aids and schedule tests at one of Amplifon’s 10,000 retail plug sockets.

“Matching a customer with a hearing aid is an intimate process,” says Cristiano Grassini Grimaldi, Global Digital Transformation Director at Amplifon. “The testing and fitting of a hearing aid requires a lot of physical contact between a customer and an Amplifon Audiologist. Customers might also feel vulnerable due to their hearing loss. It’s essential that we provide a personal, human touch during every interaction to build trust.”

“We like how Adobe continues to evolve its platform by adding new solutions and capabilities that work together to help us to reach our customers with useful communications.”

Cristiano Grassini Grimaldi

Global Digital Transformation Director, Amplifon

Digital transformation on a single platform

While Amplifon is a leader in its industry, new competitors constantly threaten to disrupt the market. To maintain its leading position, Amplifon must continue building relationships with potentials customers and influencers throughout its long sales cycle.

Amplifon realised that to create close relationships it needed personalised marketing that speaks directly to the interests and needs of each audience. The company also needed a way to carry this personalisation across all customer touchpoints, online and off-line, so that customers see the same offers in emails, direct mail and interactions with call centres. With consistent marketing, Amplifon knew it could reinforce bonds with customers and stand apart in a growing marketplace.

One solution met Amplifon’s needs for cross-channel, personalised marketing: Adobe Experience Cloud. The integrated Adobe Experience Cloud solutions allow Amplifon to create a solid digital platform that connects online and off-line experiences. Marketers can handle all customer touchpoints from one platform: websites and mobile apps; email, direct mail and SMS marketing; call centre interactions; and in-store interactions. Adobe Experience Cloud pulls in data from across all of these areas to create a clear picture of the Amplifon audience. It also allows marketers to push this information back into various channels to deliver consistent and connected marketing.

“We like how Adobe continues to evolve its platform by adding new solutions and capabilities that work together to help us to reach our customers with useful communications,” says Grimaldi.

“Adobe Audience Manager helps us to reinforce relevant messages across touchpoints to encourage greater engagement and conversion from customers.”

Cristiano Grassini Grimaldi

Global Digital Transformation Director, Amplifon


Consistency across a complex customer journey

The typical Amplifon customer journey crosses multiple channels. A customer might search for keywords and visit the Amplifon website to book an appointment online. A text reminder will remind them about an upcoming appointment. After taking a test in an Amplifon store, a customer might receive an email or a call from the call centre with a promotional offer designed to get the customer back in the shop to purchase a new hearing aid.

Adobe Experience Cloud solutions help organise all advertisements, promotions and communications in one location to provide a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

Adobe Analytics plays a key role in this digital transformation by helping Amplifon understand who its customers are and how they’re interacting with Amplifon across channels. Analytics looks at campaign IDs attached to banners, emails and other forms of digital advertisements to discover what types of campaigns, copy and landing pages encourage customers to make an in-store appointment.

Adobe Analytics follows customers on the website and mobile app to determine which content customers enjoy or how customers navigate through the website. Looking at results from Adobe Target, Amplifon can test its website and optimise digital experiences.

Adobe Analytics even pulls in off-line triggers through an integration with the retail point of sale system. If a customer walks into a shop to talk with staff or test a hearing aid, staff can make a note of the customer’s information and any products that they viewed, giving marketers and call centre representatives a clear sense of that customer’s preferences.

Adobe Audience Manager, the data management platform within Adobe Advertising Cloud, pulls together all available customer data into a single location to identify and build unique audience profiles. Audience Manager then pushes out audience profiles to all of its channels so that Amplifon can deliver consistent and personalised experiences for different audiences across all touchpoints.

“Our marketers are very excited to have a clear idea of what’s happening across all touchpoints,” says Grimaldi. “Adobe Audience Manager helps us to reinforce relevant messages across touchpoints to encourage greater engagement and conversion from customers.”

Driving more hearing aid tests and purchases

Audience data feeds into Adobe Campaign, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, to help create multichannel advertising campaigns that connect with customers. The messages sent to customer are personalised so that communications feel specific to each recipient, leading to greater trust and higher conversions.

Adobe Campaign uses templates and reusable building blocks to help marketers create campaigns faster. While Amplifon marketers once spent a week creating each campaign, they now spend 10 minutes. Campaigns also aren’t limited to simple email campaigns. Amplifon marketers can create and manage campaigns sent over SMS, text or direct mail though Adobe Campaign.

“Marketers create campaigns much faster with Adobe Campaign, which allows us to capitalise on trends and get timely campaigns in front of customers faster than the competition,” says Grimaldi. “The accelerated time to market also means that marketers can spend more time building personalised campaigns targeted at specific audiences.”

Amplifon marketers recently created 3,000 campaigns in one quarter, which was a 100% increase over the same period in the previous year. Fortunately, people still weren’t overwhelmed with communications because the campaigns were far more personalised and only delivered to certain audiences. As a result, the campaigns yielded much better results. The more targeted email campaigns encouraged customers to visit a shop at more than twice the previous rate and total customer acquisition increased by more than 30%.

Listening to customer preferences

For many customers, their first major touchpoint is the Amplifon website. By migrating over to Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Amplifon marketers now have a fast, centralised content management system that allows marketers to quickly create specific, personalised landing pages. Logos, images, templates and other content can be stored in Experience Manager Assets and reuse across all international websites, mobile apps and campaigns. Amplifon is in the process of migrating its website, but Experience Manager is already being used to drive content to the mobile app.

Amplifon is continuing to expand the ways that it communicates with customers, including messages over Facebook Messenger, adding a chatbox to the mobile app and bringing digital into shops with informational tablet displays. No matter what the channel, Adobe Experience Cloud will remain an essential way of connecting with customers.

“We’re trying to manage complex communications across multiple channels and nearly two dozen countries over a long sales cycle,” says Grimaldi. “Adobe Experience Cloud delivers a single platform that manages any type of communication and allows us to build a strong, personal relationship with our customers.”

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