DSP Advertising Formats and Channels

With access to standard pre-roll, interactive pre-roll, mobile/tablet video, native in-feed, audio, connected TV and digital out of home —Adobe Advertising Cloud’s digital advertising platform offers a solution for brands to synchronise their cross-channel advertising strategies all from a single platform. The net result? Maximised reach, optimised performance, sequenced storytelling and of course better customer experiences.

Take a quick tour of what’s available through Adobe Advertising Cloud.

  1. Display
  2. Video
  3. Native
  4. Connected TV
  5. Audio
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Display Advertising

Leverage Display advertising helps you to take an audience from awareness all the way to conversion. Drive campaign performance and move prospects through the buying journey by using display ads to boost awareness, then reinforce messaging and finally convert with a direct response.


120 x 60
160 x 600
180 x 150
300 x 100
300 x 1050
300 x 250
300 x 600
480 x 60
640 x 480
88 x 31

728 x 90
970 x 250
970 x 90
480 x 60
640 x 480
88 x 31
728 x 90
970 x 250
970 x 90

Video Advertising

Video advertising is a critical component of an brand advertiser’s overall digital media strategy. As audiences continue to diversify viewership across traditional TV and digital, video ads remain an important medium for advertisers in reaching cable-cutters and TV-light audiences at scale and with more precise targeting.

Not only so, but Video is increasingly becoming the format of choice to drive viewer engagement - not only on the desktop but also across mobile devices. Target desktop audiences to deliver immersive experiences within larger screens or mobile audiences to captivate their attention on the go wherever they are.

Most importantly, engage with customers at the heart level by telling stories through video and build deep customer connections with your brand.


  • Standard Pre-roll
  • Interactive Pre-roll
  • Skippable Pre-roll
  • Mobile App Interactive Pre-Roll
  • Mobile Web and App Standard Pre-Roll
  • Tablet Tap-to-Play Medium Rectangle 300 x 250
  • Smartphone App Tap-to-Play 320 x 50

Native Advertising

Native in-feed advertising is a hybrid ad format often considered to be the next generation of standard display. This format drives high engagement, as a because it can be a less intrusive experience where the ad that blends in with the organic content audiences are already viewing.

The ad format meets the growing demand for a better advertising universe experience for both you as an advertiser and your audience. Delivering contextually relevant messages that protects brand sentiment or even enhances it when placed against relevant premium publishers.

Native video also offers the best of both worlds between awareness and engagement. Driving awareness with headlines users read while scrolling through content feeds and outstream video that users choose to engage with.

Connected TV Advertising

Connected TV advertising gives viewers a lean-back branding experience while they consume digital video content on their television sets. The ads play at the full resolution of the TV on media app load or during content streaming. Connected TV ads are best used as an extension of traditional television buys or to complement digital advertising buys.

  • 15 second video ad
  • 30 second video ad

Audio Advertising

Audio advertising allows brands to reach listeners in moments that visual media can’t penetrate. Access a new level of contextual targeting while keeping the customer journey consistent across audio streaming, radio and podcast partners in a mobile-first environment.

Layer on your first-party data across key audio content to seamlessly follow the user journey across formats and devices while measuring key performance indicators such as unique reach and frequency or ad-driven site behaviour.

  • Audio ad
  • Companion banners