Commerce integration

Deliver and measure branded, personalised shopping experiences across web, mobile and social touchpoints using an open and extensive commerce API framework. Also integrate with third-party commerce and fulfillment platforms using your choice of prebuilt integrations to create great experiences.


Commerce counts — make yours work harder without the hard work.

The online shopping experience you deliver sets the stage for brand awareness, perception and favorability. And today’s shoppers have more wants, needs and demands than ever. If you don’t deliver relevant omnichannel commerce experiences, there’s a good chance you won’t retain those customers for long.

With e-commerce integration, you can connect shoppers to fully branded and fully personalised cross-channel commerce experiences and manage it all from an open API framework built for integration, acceleration and retail success. Make every experience shoppable and hyper personalised by separating out the commerce engine from the experience layer. This lets you create powerful experiences for your customers.

And because we’re so committed to helping you to provide great e-commerce experiences, we’re investing in the technology that will power your future. Learn more about how we’re bringing leading commerce platform Magento into the Adobe Experience Cloud fold here. | Click to play video.


See what makes it work.

Every channel and device
Design a shoppable experience available to your customers on any device and through any channel, so they can shop wherever and whenever is most convenient for them.

Valuable and efficient
Cut down on production times and get the most out of your investment by supporting new workflows and taking advantage of third-party commerce and fulfillment platform integrations.

Easy and intuitive
Save time on site creation and design with an easy-to use interface that lets you get your commerce experiences up and running quickly.

Relevant and personalised
The best commerce experiences are personalised and with Experience Manager Sites, you can tailor your pages to the exact audiences you want — quickly and easily.

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Maximise your microservices.

Understand how to enable experience driven commerce with microservices and cloud services.

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Discover how to integrate any time, anywhere.

Learn how eCommerce microservices integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud, Magento, commerce tools and Elastic Path in our Help section.

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