Take account-based marketing from vision to reality.

From strategy to tools, Adobe Marketo Engage was built to help you to acquire, retain and grow your high-value accounts with advanced audience building, smart nurturing and sales and marketing automations. 

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From predictive account lists to cross-channel automations to multi-touch attribution, Marketo Engage helps engage buyers at every stage.


Automation that brings sales, marketing and opportunity together.

B2B sales means playing the long game. Identifying good-fit accounts is just the first step. You also have to reach decision makers and influencers within those accounts and move them all to the same conclusion — that your product is the obvious choice. But that takes the right strategy and the tools that can implement it. 

Going from lead-based marketing to account-based marketing (ABM) takes a close partnership between marketing and sales teams and a platform capable of executing on complex buying journeys. For businesses looking realise the growth potential of ABM, they need a system that smartly combines data from both sales and marketing applications, so marketers find high-value accounts and target specific personas and buying groups with personalised content. And they need have a sophisticated lead scoring model that let them know when it’s time for marketing to step back and for sales to step in. 


Adobe can help.

Adobe Marketo Engage lets you integrate marketing campaign activities with your CRM system and other apps to bring data-driven decisions, collaboration and marketing automations to your ABM strategy. AI and machine learning use data to build good-fit accounts and help identify buying personas for marketers to engage. Marketing automations are informed by real-time customer behaviours and each customer interaction contributes to lead scores, showing interest and buying intent. By bridging sales and marketing, teams can work together to close deals faster and up-sell and cross-sell more effectively. 

Here are the keys to strong account-based marketing. 

Sales and marketing alignment
Make sales and marketing one team by co-ordinating account-based experiences using natively integrated data and applications.

Predictive audience building and segmentation
Kick-start ABM with data instead of opinions using AI and machine learning, targeting filters and data from your CRM to help build predictive target account lists.

Personalised cross-channel experiences
Create in-depth personas and clearly defined segments based on customer attributes and sales goals, then send curated content, track engagement across channels and deliver personalised experiences.

Automated ABM activities
Automatically update campaign activity and alert sales when customers are ready to talk using automated scoring and real-time customer engagement tracking.  

Measurement and attributions
Improve your strategy and prove marketing ROI that marketing using multi-touch attribution at both a lead and account level.


21% increase

Average deal size.


20% increase

Overall engagement.


3x increase

Win rate.

“That put the marketing-sourced contribution to the sales pipeline at 37.11% or around $2.8 billion. And we achieved a 16% contribution to closed business — approximately $480 million. This would not have been possible without Marketo Engage.”

Colin Day
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer/Marketing, FIS

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“That’s what personalisation looks like in B2B marketing - the ability to roll out creative content in a way that’s highly targeted and relevant” Joerg Hufschmid. Marketing Manager, Panasonic Business Europe.